Dreams about eggs are many and are interpreted according to what you saw. This dream has got many meanings, as we are going to discover in this article. Spiritually, dreams about eggs signify growth and awareness. Biologically, life begins from an egg, and therefore this dream has got much to do with one’s life. Dreaming about eggs could be a pointer to what needs to be done. Also, it could indicate the need for you to transition.

Dreams About Eggs: What's Meaning and Symbolism


Several things help in the interpretation of the dream. They include the size of the egg, its condition and the colour. Also, what you were doing with the egg in the dream comes in handy in finding its meaning. Were you eating the egg or cracking it? All these are significant factors that should not be forgotten when you wake up. This article will expound on the different meanings and symbolism of dreams about eggs. This is a perfect read for someone who frequently dreams about eggs.

The symbolism of dreams about eggs

1.Satisfaction: Dream interpreters have linked dreams about eggs with being content in life. This is to say that you are living a life of abundance. Maybe things have been working well for you, and you feel happy. Another meaning of this dream is that you are not happy with where you are. Maybe you wish to have more or be better. In this case, your dissatisfaction should push you to work hard and achieve your desires. This symbolism is traced from the context of seeing clean and white eggs in dreams.

2.Patience: An egg, as mentioned earlier, is the source of life. However, it takes time for it to mature and produce life. Therefore, dreaming about eggs could symbolize the need to be patient and allow things to take shape. Maybe you have been pushing for something to happen, but you need to be patient. It could be patience in your career, business or relationship.

3.Wealth and happiness: This symbolism is traced to dreaming about big eggs. The dream symbolizes wealth and happiness. This is to say that you shall be wealthy soon. This may be after hard work and commitment to your endeavours. Your wealth will bring you happiness after a time of difficulties. Maybe your goals and dreams are coming to fruition.

4.Fertiliy: Another symbolism of dreams about eggs is fertility. An unfertile creature can’t produce eggs. Therefore, this dream could symbolize that you are ready for productivity. Maybe you have been studying, and now it’s time to bear the fruits of your studies. Also, you may have been trying to build your business, and it’s time for it to grow and bring forth. This symbolism also signifies the need for you to exploit your hidden potential and bring something out of it.

The meaning of dreams about eggs

1.Giving or cooking eggs for others

If you dream that you were cooking and giving eggs to other people, then it’s a good dream. It means that you are a kind and generous person. Maybe you extend your kindness by helping people achieve their dreams. You could also be helping them financially.

2.Dreaming about small eggs

We are familiar with small eggs because they serve as a great delicacy for many. However, dreaming about small eggs is not a good sign. This dream means that you shall face small hindrances that will be persistent, thus delaying your life goals. The minor obstacles will make you angry and miserable. This could be people at your workplace or a nagging partner. However, through resilience, you shall achieve your goals.

3.Seeing a bird’s eggs

If you see a bird’s eggs in dreams it means, there is something that you haven’t been doing right. Maybe your approach to life has not been okay. This is to say that you are too reactive to matters. It calls for you to work on your emotional failure to which you will be at the crossroads with people. If you see a bird’s nest in dreams, it means that you have been procrastinating about something. This dream tells you the time is ripe to do what you wanted to do. Also, seeing a nest with many eggs could mean that you will be fortunate and gain material wealth. This may mean that you shall have a financial flow for some time.

4.Buying an egg from a shop

If you dream that you are buying an egg from a shop, then it’s about you. The dream means that you are going through difficult moments. This is to say you are trying to overcome, but it’s not easy. This could be internal conflicts within yourself or a desire to overcome some habits. If you purpose and be committed, then you shall become what you desire.

5.Broken eggs in dreams

Broken eggs in dreams are such a bad omen. The dream means that you are going to fail in your endeavours. Also, your dreams will not come to fruition, and your plans will be broken. Seeing broken eggs could mean that you will be frustrated in life. Another meaning of this dream is that you might do something and regret it later. This comes as a warning to think twice before going ahead because it can never be undone once you do it. Generally, dreams of broken eggs should help us to be keener about our activities to be safe.

Dreams About Eggs: What's Meaning and Symbolism


6.Eating raw eggs in dreams

Dreams about eating raw eggs have got diverse meanings. This dream could mean that you will go through an unpleasant experience due to ignorance. Another meaning of raw eggs is that you are not patient and are rushing things. This will result in you having what you never expected, and you will be bitter and disappointed. Additionally, the dream indicates that you will get an opportunity to air out your views about something, and they will be taken positively.

7.Adding salt to an egg

If you add salt to an egg, it signifies the need to become better and new. Maybe you need to overcome your past and focus on the present and the future. Clinging to your past mistake hinders progress, and it’s time to start with new things and maybe in a new environment.

8.Dreaming about big eggs

Dreams about big eggs and mostly ostrich eggs are a good sign. The dream is an indicator of wealth, happiness and riches. This dream means that you will enjoy life after a time of hard work and persistence. Also, the dream could be a pointer to big plans and dreams. This is to say that you will achieve them soon. Also, if you see someone with big eggs, it means they are successful in life.

9.Laying an egg in dreams

If you dream that you were laying eggs in a dream, it means something is holding you up. This could be fear of the unknown or emotions. Maybe you desire to do something, but you feel you are not ready. It’s time to break from that and go for what needs to be done.

10.Cracking an egg in dreams

If you dream that you are cracking an egg into a bowl, it means that you measure your words. This is to say that you take time before communicating or giving your views about something.

11.Throwing eggs in dreams

This dream has got various meanings. If you dream that you were throwing eggs at somebody, then it depicts your character. This is to say that you are disrespectful to people and don’t mind their feelings. This dream should tell you to reflect on your behaviour. On the contrary, if you saw someone throwing eggs at you, it means that you are going to be ashamed. Maybe you will engage in shameful acts that will expose you to people. This dream should tell you to be keener about your undertakings.

12.Dreaming about rotten eggs

Dreaming about rotten eggs is an indicator of misfortunes. This dream means that you will suffer a loss of property through fire or robbery. Another meaning is that your business might not grow.

13.Seeing eggs in a basket

If you saw eggs in a basket, that’s a good sign. The dream means that you will receive good news. This might be about a promotion or a new job opportunity. This dream is also a sign that your business will grow. Another meaning of eggs in a basket is that you will need to make some critical decisions about something. It could be your career or family.

14.Selling eggs in dreams

Selling’s eggs in dreams indicate that supportive people surround you. They could be your relatives or friends.


Dreams about eggs are diverse and imply various things in our lives. They come to quicken us about exploiting our potential for a better life. Also, the dream points to what needs to be done about our emotions. These dreams are predictive and can warn us about misfortunes in the future. If you have ever dreamt about eggs, this must have been an interesting read. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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