Earthquakes are natural occurrences that take place when the earth shakes. It is a scary event, and people have lost lives, and earthquakes have destroyed properties worth billions. Dreams about earthquakes are among the most common dreams. Earthquakes happen when two earth’s blocks shift and slide against each other. People who live in places that experience earthquakes often are most likely to dream about earthquakes. Another cause of the dream could be trauma from the earth-shaking experience.

Dreams about earthquakes:What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Just like any other dream, dreams about earthquakes have several meanings. However, it is the dream’s interpretation that matters. This dream can be interpreted based on the surroundings, one’s emotions, and current happenings in their life. Have you ever dreamt about earthquakes? If so, then this should be the ultimate article for you to read. That’s because it will expound more on this dream. Also, you will get to know what the dream symbolizes in your real life. Again, you will understand the relationship between the dream and your real life.

The symbolism of dream about Earthquakes

1.Restroration and Resilience-Sometimes earthquakes happen and leave people’s lives shattered. However, with time, they rise and recover what they lost. Therefore, dreams about earthquakes could symbolize that you have been going through a difficult time, but you will rise again. This dream comes to give you the hope to continue fighting.

2.Sudden changesWhen earthquakes take place, a lot of things suddenly change. That is why this dream symbolizes some sudden change that is about to take place in your life. These sudden changes could leave you uncertain and not sure of what to expect. Again the dream could make you have a fear of the unknown.

3.InstabilityEarthquakes cause a lot of trembling and instability. Things are turned upside down. Therefore, dreams about earthquakes could mean that your life is unstable. It could be financially, marital or spiritual instability. Also, the dream could symbolize that strange things threaten your life.

4.Destructiona and Losses-Naturally, earthquakes are very destructive and costly. When destructions happen, people count losses. Dreaming about earthquakes could mean that you are going to suffer losses in your real life. This loss could be due to the destruction of a relationship, business, or career. This dream could also symbolize the loss of properties and money.

5.Fear-An earthquake is fearful and dreaded by most people. Therefore, this dream could symbolize that you have fear in your subconscious mind. This could be a fear of some challenges or changes happening in your life. This dream should provoke some inner courage that will help you to pull through the fear.

The meaning of dreams about earthquakes

1.Running away from an earthquake

This dream indicates the presence of difficulties in real life. These challenges could be in the family, business, or workplace set up. Maybe you have tried avoiding them for long unsuccessfully. Therefore, running away from an earthquake in a dream could be representing your efforts to overcome your current problems. If the earthquake catches up with you, then you will be defeated by the problems. On the other hand, if you manage to escape, you will overcome it in real life.

2.Seeing an earthquake

This dream means that there will a conflict between your country and another one. The conflict will hurt your life, and you might lose your job. Also, seeing an earthquake in a dream could mean that you will lose your residence as a result of the conflict. Again, the dream could represent your emotional state. It could be you have gone through a relationship break up, and you feel drained.

3.Dying of an earthquake

This is a scary dream, and it has a bad and good sign in real life. Dreams about dying in an earthquake mean that something will bring you down. It could be a loss of finances or people. However, that experience will usher you into new things in your life. Also, the experience will teach you a lesson, and you will be more energized.

4. A building collapse due to an earthquake

This dream means that you are in a relationship that seems all rosy, but it will soon come to an end. This further means that there will be a shakeup that will cause the breakup. On the other hand, if you are married and dream about a building collapsing, you worry about your marriage.

5.Dead bodies due to earthquakes

As earlier mentioned, earthquakes cause deaths. Therefore, seeing dead bodies in your dreams could mean that you have gone through some difficulties and feel helpless. Additionally, it could mean you desire that someone will come and help you pull through.

6.Saving someone from an earthquake

On the positive side, this dream is related to the people you love. Rescuing someone from an earthquake indicates that you might be worried about someone close to you. They could be sick or suffering, and you feel sad about it. This dream could also mean that someone you love is begging for your help out with a particular problem. On the other hand, the dream could mean that you can risk your life for the people you love.

Dreams about earthquakes:What's Meaning and Symbolism

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7.Seeing your house being destroyed by an earthquake

This is a common dream about earthquakes, but it has a bad implication. If you see your house being destroyed, it means that you will have challenges in your family. In most cases, this will be marital related problems and can lead to divorce. This dream should awaken you to start checking where you could be going wrong before losing your family.

8.A volcanic earthquake

Dreaming about an earthquake with a volcano is directly related to your emotions. When a volcano erupts, it’s hard to control it. Therefore, this dream could mean that you have been harboring extreme emotions on the inside, feeling like exploding. They could be feelings of hurt, bitterness, and anger. However, this dream should tell you that you need to be free from negative emotions.


Dreams about earthquakes indicate a lot of things in people’s lives. They could be signifying our emotions, character, or various changes taking place. These dreams have a great way of predicting things that are going to happen. However, one doesn’t need to worry much if they encounter the dream. That’s because they could have a positive or negative meaning. We hope this article has helped you understand dreams about earthquakes, and you will interpret them in the future. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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