Dreams about eagles are common and among favorable dreams. That’s because an eagle is a symbol of success, independence, and power. This dream has diverse and interesting meanings. However, the dream’s context is the basis of its interpretation. We can’t ignore the fact that dreams bring along different feelings. The feelings you exhibited in the dream are also useful in determining whether the dream was positive or negative.

Dreams About Eagles: What's Meaning and Symbolism


Dreams are part of everyone’s night. Whenever we sleep, some events take place in our subconscious minds. These events have got a direct relationship with our waking life. Dreams about eagles are predictive, and you can know what to expect through them. They also serve as warnings against something in waking life. This article will expound more about this dream, and mostly it’s meaning.

The symbolism of dreams about eagles

Power: Dreams about eagles are associated with power. Naturally, eagles are known to be dominating creatures. They rule their world and will fly as high as they wish. This behavior explains why dreaming about eagles could mean that you are going to be powerful. Maybe things are oppressing you presently, but you will emerge powerful and strong. This dream should encourage you to remain positive.

Financial trouble: Dream interpreters have associated dreams about eagles with financial struggles. This symbolism is drawn from the context of a caged eagle. The dream could mean that you are going to suffer financial problems. It could be a loss of money due to fraud or careless spending. The dream should warn you about the extravagant spending of money.

Life goals: Naturally, an eagle can fly so high without being limited by anything. This nature explains why interpreters associate it with goals. Dreaming about an eagle indicates that you are resilient and determined towards achieving your goals. It would be right to say that they will be possible thanks to the eagle’s spirit in you.

The meaning of dreams about eagles

Watching an eagle in dreams

Watching an eagle in dreams is a good sign. This dream symbolizes that you will have a good life. Success, luck, and abundance will be evident, and above all, you shall have peace. However, the dream should encourage you to keep on working hard and better your life. Also, it is an indicator of the presence of good people around you.

Being attacked by an eagle

As earlier mentioned, eagles represent power. Therefore, being attacked by an eagle means that your strength and ability will get challenged. You will encounter some difficulties that will stretch you, but eventually, you will overcome them. It may be a challenge from someone or a work-related challenge.

Dream about killing an eagle

Killing an eagle in dreams is a good sign. The dream means that you are strong enough to face any obstacle. It also signifies your determination in crucial aspects of your life. If you turned into an eagle and died in the dream, it means there is something you are hiding about your life.

Seeing an eagle in your home

Have you been searching for a home? Then seeing an eagle in your home means that your search will come to an end. Another meaning of this dream is that you will have good luck. Maybe you have desired to make your home better, and this will come to pass. Also, this dream signifies that you have a well bonded and happy family.

Shooting an eagle in dreams

This dream is associated with a desire for success. Maybe you are working hard to achieve your goals. Another meaning of this dream is that there is a need to reconsider the direction of your life. Could you have been lost in real life? Then this shooting an eagle is a wake-up call to get back on track. Negatively, the dream means that you will lose a substantial amount of money.

Seeing a white eagle in dreams

Dreaming about a white eagle is a good sign. The dream means that you will have both financial breakthroughs. You will be lucky to receive valuable things in your life. This luck will change your life for the better.

An eagles nest in dreams

If you saw an eagle nest in dreams, then that’s a good dream, especially if it had eggs inside. The dream signifies new opportunities or good things coming your way. You will be able to achieve your goals and be successful. Also, it could be you will meet people who will help you go up the ladder. If you dreamt and feel at peace, then it means that your success will reflect your personality.

A wounded eagle in dreams

Dreaming about a wounded eagle has a negative indication of your goals. It means that you are working hard towards achieving the wrong goals. This dream should tell you to change your goals and focus on something more real. This will prevent you from being disappointed and wasting your time.

Dreaming about a chained eagle

This dream signifies that you have locked your feelings inside. Maybe you desire to express yourself to someone, but you are hesitant. This, in return, eats you up silently. Dreaming about a chained eagle should tell you to open up and say what you have in your heart for the sake of your peace.

Eating Eagles meat

This dream is associated with who you are, especially your mind and character. It means you are sharp and will face any challenge without intimidation. Dreams about eating eagle’s meat mean that you will achieve your goals quickly.

Someone killing an eagle

If you saw someone killing an eagle in your dreams, it is about you. This is a bad sign, and it means you will experience dramatic life changes. These changes will be caused by problems that will come your way. They will be unexpected, and therefore you will be forced to make urgent decisions. The problems could be marital, financial, or career problems.

Dreams About Eagles: What's Meaning and Symbolism


Catching an eagle in dreams

This dream means there is a need for you to have others in your heart.  Maybe you are selfish and do not mind what others are going through. Catching an eagle in dreams tells you to give others some room and listen to their opinions. Also, it would help if you believed in them and gave them a chance to become better.

Feeding an eagle in dreams

Feeding an eagle in dreams means you need to improve your life. Maybe you are no longer driven by goals, and the situation affects the quality of life you are living. Maybe having some time to reconsider and have new goals will help you rise again.

An eagle rotating around you

This is a bad dream, and it signifies conflicts. The conflict will emerge as you try to fight for what is rightfully yours. On the other hand, an eagle rotating around you means you will be victorious.


All these are meanings of dreams about eagles. I am sure you have noted that they carry both positive and negative meanings. The dream also tells us what needs to be done in regards to our waking life. However, whether the dream has a positive or negative meaning, you should never let go of the eagle spirit. Have you ever dreamt about eagles? Then I believe this was a timely read for you. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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