Dreams about ducks are familiar to some people. This is more so if you have them in your home. The dream is associated with both positive and negative signs. Additionally, ducks are quiet and calm. They always mind their own business unless when threatened. That is why this dream may appear in different ways and hence giving different meanings. Dreams about ducks have got a great significance in our waking life. They could be guiding or warning us. This is why you should take enough time to understand the meanings.

Dreams About Ducks: Meaning and Symbolism


If you have ever dreamt about ducks, this is the ultimate read for you. It will help you understand what the dream meant and how you can handle a specific issue in your life. This dream appears in many ways. For example, you could have eaten duck meat in dreams, or you saw a running duck. Also, the dream might have brought some feeling your way, either happiness, entertainment, or fear. Note, dream interpreters use such feelings to understand your dream’s meaning. This is why you should not forget your dreams.

The symbolism of dreams about ducks

Fortune: Dream interpreters have linked dreams about ducks to indicate good fortune. Maybe you will experience something that will change your life for the better. It could be you have been through a tough season and will get relieved once the fortune comes your way. This could be in the form of a good job, capital to start a business, or getting connected to someone who will hold your hand in life. Therefore, you should keep your hope alive.

Major changes: Dreams about ducks are predictive, and that’s why they could symbolize changes. Maybe some events will take place in your life. They might be good or bad. These events will change your life forever. You will be forced to make adjustments and get ready for the changes. This will help you not get depressed in case they happen to be bad changes.

Love: Ducks have been known to be significant signs of love. It could be love for a fiancée, a friend, or family members. It is believed that dreams about ducks could mean that you have a lot of love for people. You blend easily with anyone that comes your way, thanks to your warm heart. Also, the dream could symbolize your need to experience love. It could be you have been feeling lonely and forgotten for some time.

Gossips: This is a negative symbolism of dreams about ducks. Could it be you like gossiping about people in real life? Do you stab them on the back? In this case, the dream comes as a warning, and it would be wise if you mind your business and let people be.

The meaning of dreams about ducks

Seeing a duck on dirty water

Seeing a duck on dirty water is related to your emotions. It means that you need to develop some emotional strength because challenges will be inevitable. Maybe you have been so weak when faced with problems, and you need to learn how to face them in waking life.

Dream about a flying duck

This dream has diverse meanings. Seeing a flying duck means that you need to employ some wisdom and intelligence in handling a difficult situation. This could be something critical about your marriage or business. Your approach to the issue will significantly determine your happiness. If you saw ducks flying above your head, it means that you will triumph over some obstacles.

On the other hand, if you saw ducks flying over your room, it’s a bad sign. It is an indicator of misfortunes and tragedy, more so in the family. It could be a sickness or the death of a loved one.

Shooting a duck in dreams

This dream gives a clear picture of the people around you. Shooting a duck in dreams means that someone is not happy about your progress. It could be they are setting you up because of their jealousy. This should tell you to be careful about the people you assume to be your friends.

Seeing a running duck

If you saw a running duck in your dream, it means that there is a secret you have been hiding. Soon it will be revealed against your wish. This will make you uncomfortable, mostly if it was something terrible. It might also take your honor away.

Eating a duck in dreams

This dream is an indication of good things coming your way. Eating ducks in dreams could also signify that you will receive some good news. The dream also means that you will get to celebrate or be celebrated for something. Generally, the dream is about good tidings.

Seeing a duck floating on the water surface

If you saw a duck floating on the water surface, it means that you will be successful in life. This might be after a time of hard works and resilience amidst significant obstacles. The dream should encourage you to keep on working hard and be optimistic.


A duck swimming in clearwater

This dream is a good sign indicating that you have clarity about something. Maybe there was an issue that was troubling you, and you have finally found its solution. Also, a duck swimming in clearwater could indicate that you will have a new baby soon.

Seeing ducks in a nest

Dreaming about ducks in a nest is an indicator of abundance, success, and wealth. This will make you have a peaceful life and enjoy it with your loved ones.

Hunting ducks in dreams

Hunting a duck in dreams is an indicator that you need to change your plans. Maybe you were directing your efforts towards something that was not worth it. It’s time to focus on better and productive things. Another meaning of this dream is that you will be fortunate in life.

Dreams About Ducks: Meaning and Symbolism



All these are dreams about ducks. You will agree with me that most of them have positive and encouraging meanings. However, there are those with bad signs. The dreams are predictive and might call for you to pay close attention to your waking life events. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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