Dreams About Drowning: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Life has so many issues drowning us, and therefore dreams about drowning add salt to the injury. The feeling of fear is real, and the panting is beyond words. When you drown in dreams, it signifies feelings of fear and being overwhelmed. No one would get drowned if they could come out of the water. It’s a dangerous event and sometimes can cause death or serious injuries. If this dream has occurred to you frequently, you need to find its meaning in depth. That’s because it has different interpretations, as we shall confirm in this article.

Dreams About Drowning: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Whenever we fall asleep, some images and events take place in our subconscious minds. These are what we refer to as dreams. They are mysterious and are caused by different things. However, they represent our desires, feelings, and characters. Have you ever dreamt about drowning? If you did and never got the answer, your search for an answer has come to an end. This article will gladly take you through different types of drowning dreams and their meanings. Also, you will understand what they symbolize in your real life.

The Symbolism of dreams about drowning

1.Fear: Dreams about drowning are associated with fear. This means that you have fear in your waking life. It could be fear of the effects of something terrible that you did in the past. Also, this dream could signify fear of the unknown. For example, it could be about a rocky love affair or a business that is not doing well.

2.Emotional challenge: This dream is common to people who are struggling with emotional instability. Dreams about drowning could be pointing to the emotions that you have in real life. It could be some draining issues of life, maybe within your family or at your workplace. However, this dream should show you the need to get a break and recover emotionally.

3.Loss of control: When one is drowning, they are powerless. Therefore, dreams about drowning could symbolize a loss of control over your life. This means that you are not moving in the right direction. You could be losing control over your family, job, or business. Also, there could be something that is pushing you in a rocky direction.

4.Character and bad habits: According to psychologists, this dream could represent your bad habits. These habits could be affecting your relationships. Therefore, the dream tells you to work on yourself and get transformed.

5.Danger: This dream is a significant symbolism of danger. It could mean that you are exposed to a risky situation, and soon it will take a toll on you. This is mostly something or someone dangerous within your residence or workplace.

Dreams About Drowning: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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The meaning of dreams about drowning

1.Commiting suicide through drowning

According to statistics, most suicidal cases are committed through drowning. Therefore, this is not an uncommon dream. If you attempted to commit suicide by drowning in dreams, it means that you desire to be a better person. It could be you have realized your past mistakes and are working towards rectifying them.

2.Someone else drowning in dreams

Sometimes people drown as we watch, not because we didn’t want to save them, but it was risky. Therefore, if you saw someone drowning and felt bad, you are hopeless, and situations are beyond you. Additionally, dreaming about someone drowning means that we have lost our feelings and identity.

3.Someone trying to drown you

If you saw someone who was trying to drown you, then that’s a bad sign. The dream means that you have enemies in the name of friends. These people are setting a trap for you or stabbing you in the back. Therefore, this dream should awaken you to be more vigilant with those close to you.

4.Dream about a lover drowning

Love is a sweet thing, and no one would wish to lose it. However, this dream has a bad meaning. Dreaming about your lover drowning means that they have been sick for long, and they will die. Also, this dream can appear in a different context where you see your relative drowning. In this case, the dream means that you are undergoing financial challenges.

5.Dreaming about someone being drowned by another person

The dream is related to your character and behavior. If you dreamt about someone who was drowning someone else, then it means that you will encounter shame. This could be due to behaving in a bad manner among people who know you. This calls for you to be watchful about your behavior.

6.Helping a drowning person in dreams

This dream depicts your current life, and it means that you are contented in life.  Dreaming about helping a drowning person comes after you have accomplished your life goals. This is to say that you can sit back and enjoy after hard work. Also, it means that you can lend a helping hand to someone who is stuck in life.

7.Dreaming about a drowning baby

It is worrying to see a child drowning. However, this dream can be interpreted in different ways. If the drowning child is a stranger, then it signifies immaturity. It would help if you stopped childish behavior and transition into maturity. Another dream context is where the drowning child is familiar to you, but you are childless in real life. This dream means that you are going to lose your job or business. Also, rescuing a drowning child in dreams means that you needy and are open to receiving handouts from people. If you dream about a baby girl drowning, it indicates your desire to nurture a family. On the other hand, if it was a baby boy drowning, it means you are in an aggressive and thriving business.

Dreams About Drowning: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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8.Drowned bodies in a river

Dreaming about drowned bodies in a river means that you are about to encounter a misfortune. This might be harmful things or events. As a result of this, you will lack happiness and joy.

9.Dream about drowning in an ocean

The dream means that you have lost the direction of your life. This further means that you are quickly being swayed away by events and people. This instability could have started after you lost people who acted as your support system in life. However, drowning in an ocean should tell you that it’s time to stand on your feet. Another meaning of the dream is that you are concealing something from someone.

10.Drowning in a river

Drowning in a river means that you are overwhelmed. This could be due to responsibilities or high expectations that people have about you. This further means that you desire to be free, but the situation dictates otherwise.

11.Drowning in a swimming pool

This dream means that you will soon encounter obstacles. This could hinder your progress for a long time because of their intensity. Dreams about drowning in a swimming pool mean that your projects will delay but will be accomplished after hard work and commitment.

12.Dream about drowning in blood

This dream could signify a fear of something that happened to you in the past. Also, dreams about drowning in blood mean that you committed a crime that badly affected other people’s lives. Therefore, the guilt of your offense keeps on hitting back at you.

13.Drowning in a swamp

This dream is a bad sign. It means that you are making bad decisions that will cost you soon. This could be decisions about your career, job, family, or business. Also, drowning in a swamp in dreams indicates terrible things that are about to happen to you. This may be a death of a loved one or a financial fraud.

14.Struggling not to drown in a dream

This dream is related to feelings of uncertainty and fear. Also, you could be fighting emotions that you got after something terrible was done to you. These emotions could be anger or bitterness. Maybe you desire revenge, but something is holding you back. Also, struggling not to drown in dreams indicates major changes about to take place in your life.

15.Dreaming that you were drowning someone

This dream means you desire to release some feelings about someone who hurt you. This could be a lover who broke your heart and left. Also, dreaming that you were trying to drown someone signifies that you are stressing someone. It may be due to your actions or attitude. This dream could show your heartlessness towards the people close to you.

16.Drowning in the mud

This dream means that some people are controlling your life. It is to say that you are not allowed to decide on your own. Maybe you desire to be free and do things on your own, but you are limited.


Although dreams about drowning bring feelings of fear, they prepare us to be more alert to things to come. This dream further tells us that we should not allow fear to affect our progress. Additionally, the dream reveals your hidden emotions and their impact on your life and the people close to you. This article has clearly outlined every detail about drowning dreams. I believe it has been a timely read, especially if you have had the dream. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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