Dreams about Driving Off a Cliff: What’s Meaning and Symbolism

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You might have had several terrible dreams. Probably none of them could be compared to the dream of driving off a cliff. His dream sounds like a scene from horror movies and you would wish to be the one in the vehicle that is falling off the cliff.

You may find consolation from the fact that it is just a dream. You might have watched several videos of cars driving off the cliff and the dream could be derived from your subconscious mind. You can easily brush it off and move on as nothing has happened.

On the other hand, you should not just ignore the dream about driving off a cliff. There could be an important message that is conveyed through the dream.  Since this dream usually presents itself in different scenarios, the meaning that you will be derived from the dream won’t be the same.

This is why in this post, we are going to dissect the meaning, symbols, and interpretations of the dream about driving off a cliff.

The symbolism of Driving off a Cliff in a Dream

Dreams about Driving Off a Cliff: What’s Meaning and Symbolism

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What does driving off a cliff mean symbolize in real-life? To understand the meaning of the dream, you should start by knowing what its main objects symbolize. Some of the symbols of driving off a cliff include:

Tough decision

Being next to a cliff can be viewed as being in a precarious position of life where you have to make tough decisions. You can choose whether to drive off the cliff or look for an alternative way to navigate from the position.

You need to be extra cautious with the decision that you are about to make as it will determine the direction that your life will take.

Lack of control

You will have little control over your vehicle when you choose to drive off a cliff. This dream could be warning you about something in your life.  The dream may symbolize the chaos that has entangled your life and you have no control over them.

Driving off the cliff could represent the act of leading a life without following any rules or submitting to any authority.  In short, you are reckless with your life. Sadly, you will end up regretting the actions that you are doing today.

Bad behavior

In addition to the lack of control, driving off a cliff could be a symbol of bad behavior. You are doing something wrong and you don’t care. Sadly, your actions could be hurting the people around you.

Your subconscious mind could be trying to warn you about your current actions. You need to adjust your life and live by the rules. It could also be warning you that you will have a bad end if you continue living the way that you want.

Being afraid of change

The dream could symbolize an impending change that is about to cause a major shakeup. You are afraid of the change as you don’t know the kind of chaos that will come with it. One thing that you are sure is that the change will make you to lose control.

It could also symbolize that you are forced to accept changes in your life. However, you are sure that for one reason or the other the changes will do more damage than good into your life. Maybe you will lose control over some things that affect your life directly.

Being desperate about something

Driving off a cliff could symbolize that you are in a desperate situation to the extent that you cannot endure the pain anymore. The situation is so bad that it forces you to drive off the cliff.

Probably you opt to drive off the cliff because you cannot stand your current situation and that is why you think it is better to drive off the cliff.

Being under pressure

Driving off the cliff could symbolize your inability to deal with the current pressure. You have worked hard to reach the highest position in an organization. However, the pressure that comes with the new position is too much and you feel overwhelmed.

The pressure to please the people below your position is too much and this is forcing you to make too many unnecessary mistakes. The dream could be sending a message that you should stop worrying about many things and just focus on your job. Maybe you should also focus on your physical and mental states.

Putting yourself at a high risk

Driving off a cliff is a risky affair. You may end up in a grisly accident. In the real-life, this dream may symbolize the act of putting yourself in a risky position. Probably you are engaging in actions and activities that will end up hurting you or the people around you.

Veering off the right path

Dreams about Driving Off a Cliff: What’s Meaning and Symbolism

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Driving off a cliff could symbolically mean abandoning the right way and opting for the wrong turn. Maybe you are bored or could be facing pressure from other people and this pushes you to take a wrong turn.

To understand this symbol, simply analyze your life and identify the odd behaviors that you have been engaging in recent days. Chances are that new behavior will lead to your downfall.

Since the recent changes could be due to external forces, the dream may be imploring you to look at your friends. Some of them are leading you to a path of destruction.

Forced to embrace changes

Driving off a cliff can symbolize being forced to accept change. You may not be happy with some of the recent changes that have taken place in your life or at work.  However, you do not have any option but to embrace them.

These symbols will give you blueprints that you can use to interpret and find the meaning of dreams about driving off the cliff. However, the symbols may vary depending on your perception of the cliff and even your current situation.

Common Dreams about Driving off Cliff

Dream about driving off the cliff and drowning

From the cliff, one is expected to land in water and drown. Did you have such a dream? Then you have every reason to get worried. The dream is a sign of a bad ending. No matter how hard you try to salvage the situation, the ending may still be grim.

The presence of water relates to your emotional or mental state. Therefore, the dream could mean that your actions will be the cause of your stress and depression. You should take care of what you say or do now as this may cause irreparable damage to your mental health.

Dream about intentionally driving of a cliff

Can you just drive off the cliff intentionally yet you know the risks that are associated with this action? The dream could be a sign of having low self-esteem. You don’t value yourself and that is why you opt to seek dangerous solutions to your problem.

His dream could be a sign of mental illness. It may show that you are going through depression and probably thinking of committing suicide. This dream could be warning you to consider getting help from other people.

Dream about being driven off the cliff by someone

Did you dream about someone forcing you to drive off the cliff? You have a reason to be worried. This is a sign that there is someone close to you who has evil intentions towards you. They will be happy to see you suffer or are just waiting for your downfall.

In this dream, your subconscious is warning you to be careful with the people that you are interacting with. Everything may look perfect from the outside but deep down there could be some hatred directed at you.

Dream about driving off the cliff with your co-workers

Dreams about Driving Off a Cliff: What’s Meaning and Symbolism

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In the dream, were the coworkers with you as you drove off the cliff? You have all the reasons to get worried, especially with your career.  The dream could mean that there is a major change that is about to take place in your career.

Probably the company that you are working for is going to be closed putting your career in line. Being in the same car your colleagues have the same feeling that things will end up badly.

To have a better understanding of this dream, try to remember the driver of the car. If you were the driver, the dream could mean that you are the one who will determine how the situation will end. Your colleagues have vested their trust in you.

If your coworker is the driver, it means that you fully trust the person to give the solutions to your current crisis. However, it also reveals that you know there is nothing that can be done to save you from the problem.

Are you running a business? This dream could mean that your business is going through turmoil mainly because of the behavior of some workers.

Dream about driving off the cliff with children in the car

If the dream entailed driving off the cliff with children, this can be translated as a warning sign.  It is an indication of a serious misunderstanding that you are having with your children. Probably there is a serious conflict that you have with them and you need to resolve it before it blows out of proportion.

Probably you are controlling your kids too much. Even though you may think you are doing the right thing, you may be harming them. Try to give them some independence and freedom. Allow them to make some decisions on their own without dictating everything that happens in their lives.

Dream about going to drive off the cliff

In this dream, you will have a vision of going towards the car to drive it off a cliff. This dream could be an indication that you are having some problems in your life. However, these problems are not as big as you think and you are just overreacting.

The dream could mean that you are blowing things out of proportion. It could be imploring you to calm down and solve your problems soberly.

The drive off the cliff ending abruptly

In this dream, the journey down the cliff ends even before it starts. Maybe the dream ends just as you are about to drive off the cliff. The most possible meaning of this dream is your troubles will be short-lived.

If you are going through some problems, you will solve them within the shortest duration. The dream could be giving you hope that you shouldn’t worry too much about your current situation. You will find a solution soon.

Surviving a drive off the cliff

In this dream, you may see yourself safe and sound after driving off the cliff. This dream has a positive connotation. It could mean that you will survive the tough times that you may be going through. You will emerge victorious after enduring the tough moments in your life.

The dream could also mean that you will prove the naysayers wrong. Those who underestimated your abilities will be ashamed and even surprised by how you will manage to endure the challenges and still succeed.  In short, this is a dream of hope.


Should I get worried about such dreams? As we have seen, most dreams about falling off a cliff tend to elicit fear and negative emotions. Very few of such dreams have positive connotations. This implies that to a bigger extent, you should get worried about such a dream.

After having such a dream, you should spare some time to analyze all the aspects of your life. Are there situations that could be forcing you to drive off a cliff? Identify them and try to find their solutions. You should also look at the people around you. You may identify some who may be forcing you to drive off the cliff.

I hope that this post has given you a better understanding of the dream about driving off a cliff. What else do you think we should add to elaborate more about such dreams? If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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