Dreams About Dolphins: Meanings and Symbolism

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There is no doubt that dolphins are among the most beautiful, intelligent, and social creatures that live in water. The sight of dolphins in water will definitely trigger positive energy in you.  But, will the effects and feelings remain the same when they appear in dreams?

While a dream can just dream, most have a deeper meaning. If you dream about dolphins, you would want to know the interpretation and meaning of the dream. You must have seen or interacted with dolphins to dream about it. Maybe you have watched a film that features dolphins and that is why you dreamed about them.

Symbols of Dolphins in Dreams

Before you even bother to find out the meaning of the dream about dolphins, you should know what these animals symbolize.

In most cultures, dolphins are used to symbolize joy, happiness, and social connection. They represent the positive emotions that you are having or you will have soon. If at the moment you are going through a tough phase in life, the dream could be a sign that your situation will soon change for the better.

Since dolphins are social animals, the dream could represent the strong social connection that you will have with people who matter in your life. This can be your romantic partner, friends, or even relatives.

Dolphins also symbolizes fun and playful. This is derived from the behavior of dolphins playing in the water. The message of the dream could be that you need to go out and enjoy life. Maybe you should leave your stressful job and explore the good things that the world has provided.

Dolphins in dreams symbolize mercy and empathy. Maybe the dream could be sending a message that you should show mercy and be more empathetic to the people that you come across.

On the other hand, dolphins could also have negative symbols. For example, dreaming about dolphins that are in pain could symbolize the difficult situation that you are going through in the real life.

Dolphins are also a symbol of intelligence and creativity. The dream could be imploring you to exercise your intelligence and be more calculative with the move that you make.

An aggressive dolphin in a dream could be a symbol of your anger. The dream could be sending a message that you need to check on your anger management.

Dolphins also tend to have spiritual symbols. You should get the information and interpretation from your spiritual mentors to find what the dolphin in the dream could be symbolizing.

Take note that the symbols of dolphins in dreams are not universal. They vary based on a person’s personal, cultural, and spiritual beliefs. The circumstance in which the dolphins appear in dreams will also determine the symbol that you will draw.

Common Dreams about Dolphin and their Meanings

Let’s go straight to the most common dreams about dolphins.  I will give the interpretation and meaning of each dream.

General dream about dolphins

Dreams About Dolphins: Meanings and Symbolism

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Generally, a dream about a dolphin is a sign of good luck that is coming on your way. You will experience a pleasant surprise very soon. There is a possibility that you will meet someone good who will have a positive impact on your life.

The dream could also mean that you are experiencing some kind of connection with other people. Maybe you have met someone with whom you have established some kind of relationship. The connection will be positive hence the presence of a dolphin.

Dream about dolphins in the water

Water is a dolphin’s natural habitat. So, seeing a dolphin in water should not insinuate anything sinister. This dream has a positive connotation. The dream could mean that you are in a comfortable place and everything is happening according to your wish.

Dolphins in water is a sign of the seamless communication that you have with other people. The aspect of communication will ensure that your relationship with other people will blossom and become more fruitful.

The dream could be sending signals that it is high time you start nurturing relationships with other people. Improve your communication skills and you will see things changing for the better.

Dream about chasing after a dolphin

Dreams About Dolphins: Meanings and Symbolism

Dolphins are adorable and it is worth chasing them for their attention. Did your dream entail running after dolphins? This is a symbol of your relationship. You have just got into a new relationship and it is full of positive energy.

The dream could be sending a message that the new relationship is fun and exciting and worth the chase. Your new partner is bringing into the relationship something new that you have never experienced. The bliss of the new relationship is transmitted to your dream and you can’t just stop thinking about it. The dream could be warning you to make the most out of the relationship as you don’t know when it may end.

Dream about playing with a dolphin

You can dream about having a good time with a playful dolphin.  The message of the dream is pretty simple; go out and have fun.

Take a quick analysis of your life. Are you stressed and bored? Are you overburdened by heaps of workload? The dream could mean that it is time to take a break and relax.

Your life does not have to revolve around work and money. You need to go out there and relax. Spend time with your family members and friends.

Taking some time off will inject your blood with a new stream of energy that will help you to come back stronger than before.

Dream about riding a  dolphin

In this dream, you may be sitting on top of a dolphin as it takes you from one section of water to another. The dream is a representation of your journey in life.

The dream could mean that you are stuck in a particular situation and you need to move forward. It could be imploring you to look for ways of your current situation. You should look for the best solutions that can bring about positive progress in your life.

Riding a dolphin in a dream could also have a positive meaning. It could mean that you will find a way out of your difficult situation. You only need to embrace the necessary help and you will sail out of your tricky situation.

Dream about a dead dolphin

A dead dolphin in a dream has a negative connotation. The dream could mean you are having broken communication with someone. It could also be a sign of a broken relationship. Probably you are on bad terms with the people around you. This could be your friends, romantic partner, or even relatives.

The dream could be telling you to mend your relationship with other people, especially if you are the wrong one.

Dream about touching a dolphin

Touching a dolphin in a dream is a sign of trying to establish a sensual relationship with someone. You have just met someone whom you think is capable of establishing a good relationship.  The dream symbolizes your desire to be loved by your partner.

Dream about saving a dolphin

Did you just save a dolphin that was almost dying? It is time to look at your relationship. It is crumbling down and soon it will be over.  The dream could mean that you don’t value your relationship anymore.

The dream could be a warning that you need to take a step to save your relationship from dying. Maybe you should talk to your partner and work out your differences.

Dream about a disappearing dolphin

In this dream, you may all of a sudden lose sight of the dolphin. This dream could be sending a negative message about your life. It may symbolize the end of a relationship. You are about to lose someone whom you truly love.

However, the dream could mean that your relationship is not completely ruined. You can still salvage it by reestablishing the communication with the person.

Dream about several dolphins

Dreams About Dolphins: Meanings and Symbolism

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Many dolphins in a dream is a sign of good luck. You will have many positive encounters. The dream could also mean that you will make many friends.


Just like symbols, the meanings of the dreams about dolphins also tend to have massive variation from one person to another. You should not stick firmly to a particular meaning or interpretation just because it is what you have read here.

You should also take a deep analysis of the circumstance in which the dolphins appeared in the dream. What is your current mental and physical state? Are you happy with everything that is happening in your life or is there something that is depressing you?

Also, analyze the relationships that you have. Have you just met someone who is melting your heart or are you going through a breakup? What kind of relationship do you have with your friends, relatives, and even family members?

If you think that the dream is somehow connected to your spiritual world, then you should spend time to get deep facts about your religious beliefs. You should consider getting this information from your spiritual leaders. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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