Dreams about dogs: What's Meaning and Symbolism

A dog is usually referred to as man’s best friend. Therefore, it is not a surprise when humans dream about dogs. That’s because dogs are part of human life, and mostly they habitat together. Dreams are a platform of communication between the subconscious and conscious mind. This communication takes place when one is asleep. A dream is like a mirror reflecting the happenings of our lives in the sleep world.

Within this detailed article, we are going to look at dreams about dogs. This is a common dream, and many people would like to understand what it means. Dreams about dogs can be associated with one’s character and feelings. It is also linked with the struggles that one goes through and the desire to pull out. We are going to go deep into the symbolism and interpretation of the same.

The symbolism of dream about dogs

According to dream interpreters, a dog is known to symbolize several things. Below are some of them.

1.Protection- Since the existence of a man, a dog has been the man’s guard. Almost every home has a dog, and they mostly act as watchmen. If you dream about a dog, it could be a call to be more cautious and careful about your security. If you see a happy dog in your dream, it symbolizes that you have someone watching over you.

2.Companionship-A dog is known to offer a good companion to its owner. It is a friendly animal and a loyal one too. If you dream about a dog, it could symbolize that you are missing someone or longing for a companion. It could be that it’s the right time to get a life partner or are stressed and need someone close to you.

3.Basic feelings– Dreams about dogs could symbolize how you feel. The dream could also be talking about your character and approach to things. Anyone who has this dream frequently should check on their behaviors, especially when around other people.

Meaning of dreams about dogs

1.Rubbing a part of a dog

This dream is related to your relationships. It simply means that you are in a relationship that makes you happy and contented. Rubbing a dog also means that you trust the person and that there are no secrets between the two of you. This is a good dream, especially for people who are dating or married.

2.A happy dog barking at you

This is a good dream, and it means you are a social person and easily blend with people. Dogs don’t just like anyone; therefore, if you dream that a happy dog is barking at you, it means you have a kind and generous spirit.

Dream about dogs: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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3.An angry dog barking at you

Seeing an angry dog barking at you in a dream could mean that you are too controlling. The dream could also mean that you are in conflict with yourself. This further means that you are confused about making a certain decision. Additionally, such a dream could mean that you are about to be betrayed.

4.Dream about a sick dog

A dog is known to be a trustworthy animal to man. Therefore, dreaming about a sick dog could mean that you have a friend who needs your attention. This could mean that you have abandoned the friendship and that you need to make up for that. Also, if the dog is so sick, it could mean that you are mourning a friend.

Dream about dogs: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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5.A dog having puppies

This is a common dream for women. Dreaming about a dog that is giving birth or nurturing puppies could mean that you desire to have children. The dream is about your willingness to take care of your children.

6.Dream about a biting dog

To dream about a dog biting, you could symbolize disloyalty around your life. This means that you have a friend who has disappointed you. They could be backbiting you or tarnishing your name. If a dog bites your leg in a dream, it could signify that you are stuck and can’t strike a balance in your life. That means that you are finding it hard to make your goals or dreams come true.

7.Dreaming about a white dog

Color white is known to symbolize purity. Therefore, a white dog in your dream could mean that your intentions are honest and pure in a relationship that you have.

8. Dreaming about Black dog

A black dog in a dream could be pointing to your worries about a friend. You might be scared about losing the friendship or not sure about it. The dream could also happen because you have a black dog that you cherish, and it’s close to your heart.

9.An injured dog

An injured dog in your dream could mean you have some worries about your health or that of a relative. This dream can happen, and you see your real dog in the dream. It could indicate that you have given it too much freedom and need to tame it if it is hurt.

10.Dreaming about a dead dog

A dead dog in your dream could mean that your instincts are dead and no longer sensitive. That’s because dogs are known to have very high instincts. A dead dog could also mean you have neglected some gifts or talents to help you in life. Additionally, the dream could tell you to cultivate a dying friendship and needs your attention.

11.Dream about a dog running

You can dream that a dog is chasing and harassing you. The dream means that there is a situation that is making you a victim. The situation could also be making you powerless and angry. Running after a dog and failing to catch it could mean the inability to reach your goals. If the dog is running after you in a calm and friendly mood, that indicates a new relationship. On the other hand, a dog running away from you indicates you are about to lose a relationship.

12.Dogs fighting

This dream is scary and could mean that you are in conflict, possibly at your place of work. Dogs fighting in your dreams should come to warn you against possible confrontations. The dream could signify that you have feelings of rejection, and people hate you.

13.Dreams about dogs swimming

If you see a dog swimming in the water, it could be that you are in a stressful situation. You could be fighting so much to overcome, but your strength is overstretched. This further means that you need extra efforts to pull out of the situation. The dream could also mean that you are fatigued and need some rest from work to have fun.

14.A dog in the mud or a dirt dog

Seeing a dirty dog could mean that someone close to you is not honest. They could be lying to you about something that you have in common. This could be a business deal. It could further mean that someone close to you did something bad, and their dirty actions keep on coming back. Generally, the dream should signal you about checking your friends.

15.Dreaming about caged puppies

A puppy caged in a shelter could signify feelings of being disappointed or betrayed by someone. You may be feeling insecure with them because of their actions. Caged puppies could also indicate you have personal insecurities in your own life. Moreover, if you see yourself rescuing a dog from a shelter, it means that you need to give someone a second chance.

16.Dreaming about tracking dogs

Tracking dogs are used to track animals, and they boast a high sense of smell. They use this sense to track missing animals or people. Therefore, if you dream about a tracking dog, you seek to identify something. It could also mean that you are trying to solve a problem that’s threatening you.

17.Dream about herding dogs

Herding dogs are the ones that take care of sheep and cattle on big farms. They are harmless and protective. Seeing a herding dog in your dream means that you feel safe and well cared for. The dream signifies that you are enjoying some peace of mind in life.

18.Dreams about German shepherds

These are dogs that protect and guard homes and companies. Dream about German shepherd could mean that you are feeling protected and alert. Additionally, the dream could mean that you are open and versatile to ideas. It could also mean you are good at giving people an audience.

19.A dog chasing a cat

This is not a common dream, but it’s a scary one. Cats and dogs are both domestic animals, and they live together in homesteads. The dream signifies some internal conflicts, which could be about decisions that are critical in your life. A person or something could be bringing the conflict. The dream should guide you into sitting down and deciding on the way forward.

20.Dream about a dog attacking someone

The meaning of a dog attacking someone could be feelings of not being safe. This could be about you or someone close to you. Any of you could be feeling there is a danger in waiting. Also, the dream means that you are going to be in a difficult health situation. A dog biting you could also mean that your growth is limited. This could be a result of something that happened to you.

22.A dog attacking a child

A dog attacking a child is a pointer to vulnerability and insecurity. This means that you feel you are not protected in your real life. It further means that your protectors have left you. The dream is more of the emotions and feelings of abandonment and helplessness. That should help you reconnect with friends and relatives.

23.A dog attacking another dog

This is also another emotional dream. Dogs attacking each other in a dream signify feelings of jealousy, betrayal, or competition. There could be someone in your life who is jealous of your achievements. The person could be setting a trap to throw you off balance. Therefore, the dream should warn you about being too careless with the people around you.

24.A dog biting you bum

This dream means that someone in your circle is planning something against you. The person could be laying down false accusations or tarnishing your name. Their plan could be to pull you down, and mostly it’s at the place of work. Generally, dogs biting your bum means betrayal.

25.Dog hit by a car

A dog being hit by a car in a dream means your emotions are in great conflict. You could be planning to have a shift in your life, but people are hindering you. If you happen to make the decision, then you might lose some strong and close relationships. The disconnection will grief and sadden you.

26. A dog killing a rat

This dream shows that you have a trust issue in your relationship. The issue has been holding you from making some necessary moves for fear of the unknown. The feelings could be as a result of some betrayal or trauma in the past.

27.Grey dogs

Dream about grey dogs could mean that you are trying to figure out about someone. The person could be mysterious, therefore making it difficult to know their intentions. The person also could be supportive, but you still find it hard to trust them. The dream should help you take time to understand the person.


Dreams about dogs are mostly related to emotions. These are feelings of love, care, and protection. However, there are also negative feelings associated with the dream. The negative ones include betrayal and rejection. Dogs are known to be loyal and close to humans, and sometimes they give emotional support. Another trait about dogs is their strong instincts. This makes them a sense of any pending danger. Therefore, dreams about dogs could have some significance in your ability to discern things. This article has expounded more on dogs’ dreams, and it will be a great guide to dream interpretations. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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