Dreams are common and natural occurrence to any human. One should be concerned if they realize that they don’t experience dreams. That’s because dreams are like a mirror that we can use to reflect on our lives. Have you ever dreamt about demons? Well am sure if you have, it must have been a sweaty and horrifying experience. Within this article, we will exploit dreams about demons. Besides, we shall look into their symbolism and meaning. This is the ultimate read for anyone who has dreams about demons.

Dreams about demons: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Demons are spiritual beings perpetrating evil agendas. They operate between the spiritual and the physical world. They thrive in causing torment and pain to humans. It is the nature of demons to move at night. That’s because darkness is like the fuel that moves their demonic mission. There are many myths surrounding demons. Below are some facts about demons that might not only interest you but help understand the dreams

  • Satan is the leader of demons
  • Demons are fallen angels
  • Demons can torment you emotionally, physically, and mentally
  • Demons manipulate both humans and objects
  • Demons inhabit graves and birthing areas.
  • Demons get excited when they cause torment.

When you experience a demonic dream, it is wise to understand the cause. That’s because demons are evil entities to minds and souls. Many people’s lives have been affected by the recurrence of these dreams.

The symbolism of dreams about demons

Dream interpreters have associated this dream with several things. Here are some symbolisms of dreams about demons.

1.Distress and ConflictsDreams about demons symbolize confusion in what we should do. At times, we are faced with life challenges that we don’t know how to go about them. Life has no clear path, and conflicts are inevitable.  Sometimes it could be pressure from friends that don’t want us to breakthrough. When in such a situation, one can dream about demons because of the struggles happening.

2.Addiction and temptations-In most cases, demons symbolize something that brings us distress. Devils are associated with temptations. Many people struggle with addiction and temptations to some evil acts or things. Therefore, dreams about demons should awaken us to think about such habits. Additionally, the dream means that it’s time to make life-changing decisions.

Meaning of dreams about demons

1.Dreaming about being demon-possessed

A person possessed by demons lose their mind and behave awkwardly. Demons dictate Their life, and they have no control over their actions. Dreaming about being possessed by demons could mean that you are helpless. Additionally, it means that you can’t control the happenings in your life.

2.Being chased by demons

Dreams about being chased by demons is a common dream. It could indicate that you are anxious and worried about something. The fear could be caused by something that happened in your past and hurt you. Additionally, the dream could mean that you are uncomfortable in your current environment. It could also mean that the people around you are unfriendly. Another meaning of the dream could be that you are avoiding a confrontation with some people. This dream should help you focus on how to resolve the issues.

3.Battling a demon

If you experience a battle with a demon in your dream, it means you are in the midst of storms. It could be that you are facing very fierce challenges and are trying to overcome them in vain. This could be an addiction or a pattern of deviant behaviors.

4.Dream about defeating a demon

This is a good dream and signifies victory. Demons come to torment our lives. Whenever you dream about defeating a demon, it means that you are overcoming something. This could be fear, guilt, habit, or real-life challenges.

5.Dream about killing a demon

This is a good indicator that good things are on the way. Dream about killing a demon means that you are going to emerge victorious. You could be in some type of trouble, but you will escape unhurt. This dream is associated with victory and triumph. Additionally, the dream could mean that it’s time for a new thing in your life.

6.A demon fight a demon

Dream about a demon-fighting a demon could mean conflict. This conflict could be emotional or physiological. People who have difficulty in making personal decisions have this dream. Moreover, this dream could be telling you to confront something that you know is bad. The confrontation could be about vices like racism, revenge, ill-mannered children, or bullying.

7.Seeing yourself as a demon

Nobody would like to be associated with demons. Therefore, seeing yourself as a demon can be scary. This dream means that you have committed a severe sin in your life. It should tell you to amend your ways and be safe from punishment.

8.Having sex with a demon

As much as it may sound funny, some people do have the dream. Having sex with a demon is an indicator of infidelity. Most people who are about to fall into the trap usually have the dream. It should serve you as a warning to stop acts of immorality.

9.Dream about talking to a demon

This dream means that wicked people surround you. These people could be enticing you to carry out some bad activities, but you are resisting. The resistance could be causing some strains between you and the influencers.

Dreams about demons: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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10.Dream about a dancing demon

A dancing demon in your dreams could signify victory over sin. It could be you were sinning with or without your knowledge. This could be basically as a result of temptation from the devil. Also, the dream could signify that you will soon have powers over some people.

11.Dream about eating with demons

This is also another common dream. Eating with demons in dreams could mean that you are going to get sick. The sickness could be long term and could cause your death. This dream should quicken you to see a doctor and be safe from any pending illness.

12.Dream about a demon turning into humans

This dream is more about our inner selfish desires. Moreover, the dream could symbolize our real identity and character. It could be that we have been withholding these traits from people. This makes us mysterious to those around us. Additionally, the dream could mean that you are being tormented or exploited by your boss.

13.Dream about feeding a demon

This is a bad sign, and one should be cautious with the dream. Dreaming about feeding a demon means that you are going to die soon. An accident or a natural circumstance could cause the death. On the other hand, if you dreamt about someone feeding a demon, I could mean the person will die.


Dreams about demons are mostly related to evil. The work of demons is to cause horror and inflict pain. These dreams come to awaken us for a transition from bad habits. Also, these dreams are meant to make us aware of what is surrounding us. Again, dreaming about demons could be a result of the toxic environment that we are in. This article has dramatically expounded on dreams about demons and their meaning. We hope the knowledge will help you understand how to take the next action. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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