Death is something that nobody wants to talk about, leave alone dreaming about it. Death dreams are scary and will leave you with more questions than answers. You must be worried if the dream is about the death of your loved one. This is because death dreams are usually categorized as precognitive dreams. This is to means that they are a prediction of what may happen in the near future. Who in their right mind won’t be worried when the dream is predicting the death of your loved one?

Death dreams do not always symbolize gloom. The dream may symbolize something in your life is coming to an end. Maybe a difficult situation in your life is almost over and you will start over a new life. Dreams about death: what’s meaning and symbolism. Read on as we give you a comprehensive analysis of death dreams, their meanings, and symbolism.

Types of death dreams

Frankly, death dreams come in different forms which we can categorize into different distinct groups. Regardless of the type, each dream will have a unique, psychological, symbolism interpretation and meaning. So, it is important to analyze the dream from all these angles so that you can come up with an accurate interpretation.

First, you may dream about dying. Psychologically, the dream could mean the internal conflict that you are going through. It could also symbolize the transformation that is taking place or is about to take place in your life. In the spiritual realm, the dream of dying could be a premonition of your death. However, it can also mean that there is either good luck or bad luck that is coming on your way.

The second type of death dream is a family member dies. Psychologically, the dream can mean that you fear losing someone or something important in your life. It could also mean a loss of control or unresolved guilt that is engulfing your life. In the spiritual world, the loss of a family member in a dream could be a premonition. It could also be a sign of bad luck that is coming your way. The dream could be a symbol of a bridge to the past.

The third type of death dream is dreaming about the death of a celebrity, a leader, or just a famous person. This type of dream I could be a projection of your fantasy world. Maybe you want to achieve goals that are beyond your reach. The dream could also be a premonition of the death of a popular person.

The fourth and probably the most bizarre if not scary death dream is dreaming about being haunted by a dead family member or even friend. It is impossible to shake off such dreams as their meanings and symbolism aren’t that encouraging. The dream could mean you have unfinished business with the dead person and they have come back to claim for it. It could also mean the wounds that have not healed or simply unresolved grief.

Common Types of Death Dreams

The above types just give a general overview of the dead dreams. Otherwise, death dreams come in many different forms and they attract different interpretations. Here are some of the most common death dreams and their meaning.

Dream of your own death and funeral

Dreams About Death: What's Meaning and Symbolism 

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This is probably one of the most mind-boggling dreams about death. In this dream, you could see yourself dying or even people at your funeral. The first thing that will come into your mind after such a dream is our imminent death is just around the corner. On a lighter note, the dream could symbolize the end of a phase and the beginning of another chapter of life. If you have just ended a relationship or you about to end one, such a dream will find a perfect meaning in your life.

If in the dream the death seems to be peaceful without any pain or drama, this could mean that the change will be good and you will embrace it without any hesitation. However, it will have a different meaning if the death is violent and you are putting up a spirited effort to resist it. It could mean that you are afraid of the changes that will take place in your life. Probably the change won’t impact your life positively.

Someone kills you in the dream

You should strive to get immediate answers if someone kills you in the dream, more so if the killer is someone that you know. The dream a close friend or family member is killing you could mean that they are urging you to make drastic changes in your life. Here, death symbolizes a forced change. Maybe they want you to quit doing drugs or end that toxic relationship that you are in.

If strangers kill you in the dream could mean that there are unknown forces that are pushing you to stop certain habits. However, we can interpret this dream from a negative angle. It could mean that someone close to you is trying to bring you down. Probably they want to stop you from achieving your major life goals. You need to be cautious of such people and closely guard your interactions with them.

Death of a child in your dream

This dream is quite disturbing no matter which angle you would want to view it from. However, the meaning of the dream is not that terrible. The death could be a symbol of the end of a phase after your child has achieved a specific growth milestone.

The dream could mean that your child is now able to walk or can now feed on their own. So, there is no need to be erratic of this dream.

Death of your partner in the dream

The loss of a spouse can take a heavy toll on you. Such a dream will drive you crazy. While you cannot rule out the premonition as the meaning of such a dream, it will be wise to explore other meanings. The dream could symbolize a major change that is taking place in your partner’s life. Maybe they have changed their career, job, or even bodyweight.

Killing someone in a dream

Although it sounds like a terrible dream, it is not that bad. That someone that you are trying to kill could be a symbol of the bad things in your life that you are trying to get rid of. They include addiction, career, toxic relationships, negative habits among others. By killing them, it means that you don’t want such habits to ever come back into your life.

Your friend dies in the dream

What if my best friend dies in the dream? Does it mean that they will actually die? We cannot rule out the premonition of such a dream. If your friend has been in a bad shape in terms of health, the dream could mean that their end is near.

However, the dream could have other meanings. The death of a friend could symbolize the end of the relationship, whether it has been good or bad. It could also mean that there are certain habits of your friends that are changing.

Die young in the dream

Since most people hope to die when they are old, dying young in a dream can be scary. The dream could be sending you a message that you need to pursue your goals mow since your time on earth is limited. The dream could also represent a premature end of a project. That you have been working on.

Dream of a famous person dead

Dreams About Death: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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This dream usually presents itself in some unique way. In the dream, you may be watching television then you see breaking news: A famous person, whom you really like and admire, has died. This dream is closely related to the death of your crush or someone you like but they seem to have zero interest in you.

These two dreams could mean that you will not attain some goals that you have set in life. The death of the person could symbolize the end of the road and you should start channeling your energy somewhere else. Also, the dream could be a premonition of the death of a famous person.


As long as you are alive, one day you will die. Being aware of this fact does not make things easy when it comes to dreaming about death. This is based on the fact that deaths are usually associated with pain sadness and anguish.

It is difficult to resist the negative emotions that are associated with death dreams. However, as we have seen, not all death dreams are that bad. Some could mean something pleasant that will happen in your life.

Instead of getting into a panic mode because of a death dream, spare some moments to analyze the dream. Try to remember the events that happened in the dream and the people that were involved. Take note of all the objects that were in the dream and even the location. You may end up with the most accurate interpretation and even symbolism of the death dream. You should consider seeking clarification from dream interpreters just to be sure of the meaning of your dream. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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