Hair is a part of the human’s body that requires much attention, and therefore cutting hair in dreams might be confusing. This is more so for women. People spend a lot of money trying to keep up with the latest hair fashion. Additionally, hair plays a significant role in bringing out one’s character, and you can easily tell who a person is by their hair. Dreams about cutting hair for ladies might be scary, but for men, it is normal. This article might be your best read especially if you have dreamt about cutting hair.

Dreams about cutting hair: What's Meaning and Symbolism


Dreams about cutting hair explain more about our inner being. This is about our thoughts and emotions. They are also pointers to loss or misfortunes that await us. The dream also represents things that we avoid in our waking life because we fear a reality. However, this dream’s interpretation depends on how we felt during the dream and its context. Let’s look at the symbolism and meaning of dreams about cutting hair.

The symbolism of dreams about cutting hair

Loss: Cutting hair in dreams is a great symbolism of loss. This dream comes in a predictive way, and it could mean that you will suffer losses in the future. Mostly, the loss will be a financial one. Maybe you will lose a big amount of money, or your business will go down. The loss could also be losing someone through death. This dream should warn you to be careful with your financial engagements.

Transition: Dream interpreters have linked this dream with transition or major changes. The transition will introduce you to new things. They could be good or bad, and you might get forced to adapt to them, especially the bad ones since there will be no option. It might be changes in career, family, or business. Generally, in this context, you will have to accept whatever comes your way.

Religion and cultural beliefs: Some people cut their hair due to cultural beliefs. The act of cutting the hair symbolizes a transition from one age group to another. On the other hand, some religions use the cutting of hair as a spiritual mark to initiate them into the world of divinity. This is to say they are ready to be more committed to their faith.

Reality: This is another symbolism to dreams about cutting hair. The dream could be telling you it’s time to accept a reality that you have been avoiding. Maybe it’s something that will cost you so much, but it’s still due to happen. Therefore, the only way out is to accept and face reality and whatever comes with it.

The meaning of dreams about cutting hair

Dreaming that someone was cutting your hair

This dream means that you are suspecting that someone wants to manipulate you. It could be they have been controlling you and advising you wrongly. This might be the people close to you in a family or workplace setup. Dreaming that someone was cutting down your hair is a sign of insecurity. Another meaning of the dream is that you trust people and allow them to guide you after taking time to understand their intentions. You are willing to take their advice and do what they tell you to do. Additionally, there could be someone who needs your attention and guidance, and hence the dream should push you to attend to them.

Cutting your hair in dreams

If you saw yourself cutting your hair in dreams, it means that you have lost all the strength you had. Maybe you have through many problems, and you fought so much, but you feel there is no more strength. Also, there will be major changes that will come your way but you will not adapt to them. This will leave you frustrated and drained. However, the dream should encourage you to compose yourself and learn to live with the changes. Another meaning of cutting your hair is that your perspective about life has changed. You have grown through experiences, and you now take one thing at a time.

Cutting your hair and becoming someone else

This is a strange dream and might leave you with feelings of confusion. If you saw yourself cutting your hair and turning into someone else, it’s about your confidence. You are afraid of how you look may be due to your age. Could you be worried that you are old? However, you should accept the changes and take them positively.  On the other hand, if your hair was falling off without anyone cutting it down, then it’s an indicator of major changes coming your way.

Cutting long hair in dreams

Cutting long hair in dreams is an indication that you are already going through major changes. You have accepted the changes and weighing your options in regards to them. This could be changes in a love relationship, marriage, or business. It further means that you are calculating your next move. However, it would help if you made an informed decision not to count losses or be disappointed.

Dream about cutting gray hair

Gray hair is associated with wisdom. Therefore, if you dream that you are cutting gray hair, you are wise in real life. The dream could also be telling you to use wisdom in a sensitive matter that is happening in your life. Moreover, there could be a need for you to seek advice from the elderly. Another meaning of gray hair in dreams is that you will have good times in the future.

Dreams about cutting hair: What's Meaning and Symbolism


Dream about a bad haircut

Dreaming that you were cutting bad hair means that you did something in the past. You are now ashamed of your actions, especially because your plans didn’t go as you expected. Another meaning of the dream is that you are not confident in yourself. It could be due to changes taking place in your body. Could you have had an increase in weight and you are not happy about it? Generally, this dream should tell you to accept yourself and be confident.

Cutting short hair in dreams

Cutting short hair in dreams indicates your ability to take challenges and changes positively. It means that you don’t complain but instead use your inner strength to face them. You are a strong person, emotionally and mentally. Another meaning of cutting short hair is that your ego has been touched, and you are not happy about it.

Dream about an unfinished hair cut

In waking life, dreaming about an unfinished hair cut is a bad sign. The dream means that you always face obstacles when you start something. This is to say that something comes up and hinders you from fulfilling your goals. It also means that you easily lose your focus in life and are easily swayed away by people or things. You should keep your focus and work on your life.


These are dreams about cutting hair. However, their meanings vary from one person to another. If you felt excited while cutting the hair in the dream, you are ready for changes. On the other hand, if you were unhappy, the dream means that you might have a bad experience in your life. I hope this article has helped you in getting the meanings of dreams about cutting hair. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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