Dreams About Crabs: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Crabs are sea creatures and there is a likelihood that you have interacted with them. However, crabs are more than just animals, especially when they appear in our dreams. There could be a deeper meaning that they are trying to convey.

It won’t be a coincidence for a crab to appear in your dream. This creature has unique features and characters. This is why it appeared and not the other animals. From the features, you can draw a symbolism which you will need to interpret the dream and get the message that it was trying to convey.

Well, that is the precise purpose of this post: to illustrate the meaning of dreams about crabs.

What does a Crab Symbolize in a Dream?

First things, first, let’s find out what crabs symbolizes in dreams. From the symbolism, it will be easier to establish a connection between the dream and real life. This will help us get the most accurate meaning of the dream.

In ancient cultures, crabs were associated with the moon. This is because its life cycle tends to match with the movement of the moon. The life cycle of the crab conspired with the tide of the ocean and the Yin energies.

Just by looking at a crab’s shell, there is one aspect that will come into your mind: protection. So, the dream may symbolize the protection that you need or you should provide.

The fact that the shell covers a crab could also symbolize the hidden aspects of your life that you would never want to reveal to the world. Maybe you have a dark past that you would never want your spouse to know about.

Have you ever been keen on the movement of a crab? You should have noticed that it rarely moves in one direction. It moves sideways even when moving forward. It does this intending to pacify its safety.  From this, we can draw the symbolism of flexibility. We should not always remain in the main course even when it is showing some glaring risks ahead. Some situations call for unconventional moves.

Crabs have strong claws that won’t open easily. It will take immense effort to open them. This can symbolize resilience. You are not willing to easily give up the things that rightfully belong to you.

One aspect in the lifecycle of crabs entails shedding shells. This will pave way for the renewal or rebirth. This can symbolize the changes that are taking place in your life. Maybe you want to let go of your past and become a new person.

While crabs can be a symbol of strength, they tend to be vulnerable when shedding their shells. This can symbolize power changes that you can go through in life. Do not always assume that you will remain at the top. Be humble as the tides can turn against you, no matter how strong you were.

Like most water creatures dreams about crabs can also symbolize the waves of emotions that we go through. There will be a time when you will be emotionally stable and the other time when you will be having an emotional wreck.

Common Dreams about Crabs, Interpretations, and Meaning

General dream about seeing a crab

Let’s assume all that you remember about the dream is seeing a crab or many crabs. You can derive an array of meanings from this dream. The dream could be a prediction of tough times ahead. You are likely to encounter different forms of challenges in the pursuit of your life goals. It could also be sending a message that you need to double your efforts to overcome the obstacles ahead.

The dream about seeing a crab could also mean that you are overwhelmed by the current situation and you desire to stay low or hide. Maybe the duties that you have been given at your workplace are taking a heavy toll on you. You may also want to hide from people to escape the pain or shame that they have been subjecting you to.

In all these scenarios, the dream could be motivating you to be courageous enough to face your challenges or enemies.

Dream about many crabs

In this dream, you may see many crabs. This is usually perceived as a bad sign. The dream could mean that you are likely to make mistakes in whatever steps you are taking in life. The mistakes could be because of your carelessness and irresponsibility.

Many crabs in a dream could be warning you about your negative attitude. If you don’t change, may end up landing you in unwanted situations. Maybe you should consider paying attention to other people’s feelings.

The dream about many crabs could also symbolize the many challenges or obstacles that you will face in your journey to achieve your goals. It is high time that you work on those obstacles before they jeopardize your journey.

Dream about eating a crab

Dreams About Crabs: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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A well-prepared crab can be a mouth-watering meal. Did your dream entail devouring a crab? There are different meanings that you can derive from it.

The dream could signify your hunger for wealth and prosperity. You have a strong desire to succeed in whichever goals that you are pursuing.

This dream could also be sending positive signals that you are doing the right thing. If you have been planning to start a business or a project, this is the right to do so.

It could also be a sign of good luck in whatever you are doing. All you need is to put more effort and remain positive.

Dream about catching a crab

The dream that features catching a crab has some positive meaning. Usually, it is a sign of good things that are coming on your way. Maybe you are about to receive good news about something that you have been waiting for. Have you been looking for a job?  You are about to get it!

This dream could also be a revelation of something about your character trait. Probably you like separating yourself from other people. The dream could be encouraging you to be more social or build your communication skills that will enhance your interaction with other people.

Dream about watching others catch crabs

Unlike the previous dream, here you are not catching crabs. Instead, you are watching other people do it. The dream could mean that you will not be as lucky like other people. They may appear to be prospering more than you.

The dream could also mean that you will not receive help from other people, no matter how dire your situation will be. So, you should try to be self-reliant as other people won’t chip in.

This dream could also be warning you to be careful with the people close to you. Even though they may pretend to be your friends, they may be having ill intentions against you.

Dream about holding a crab with your hands

Dreams About Crabs: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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The dream about holding crabs with your bare hands symbolizes your fake friends. On the surface, they may appear to be the most genuine people in your life but in the real sense, they are plotting for your downfall.

Filter the information that you share with friends as some may use it to bring you down.

The dream could also mean that you are about to lose something that you love. Maybe a project that you are working on is headed for doom.

This dream could be warning you to be cautious with the plans that you make. Do not be overambitious as some of your projects may end up in the drain.

Dream about a crab attacking you

Being attacked by a crab could be sending a warning about something in your life.

Probably there is an issue in your life that you have been ignoring. You should start confronting it before it explodes and becomes uncontrollable.

A crab attack could also mean that someone is in dire in of your attention. Probably they are going through an issue that only you can solve.

The dream could also mean that you are in a toxic situation or relationship and you need to move on with your life.

Dream about a crab chasing you

Being chased by a crab signifies the emotions that you are going through. Instead of confronting them or letting them out, you prefer to repress them.

Dream about accidentally stepping on a crab

Stepping on a crab accidentally symbolizes your recklessness. The dream could be a warning that your carelessness is ruining other people’s lives.


From this post, it is clear that crab dreams can draw a wide range of meanings. Although most meanings are connected to your emotional facet, others are all about your physical being and the relationship with other people.

It will be wise to recollect all the details of the dream before you proceed to interpret and conclude its meaning. If the dream is revealing something about you, then you should rectify it to become a better person. It may also be giving you the warning to evaluate your relationship with other people.

If you have any doubts or want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary.

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