Dreams about cockroaches are familiar to many people. These insects are found in most homes and are known for hiding in dark places within the home. Cockroaches are associated with dirt, and therefore there is nothing to admire about them. They have a stubborn nature and will appear when you least expect. Scientifically, there are six types of cockroaches, and each of them has a different meaning.

Dreams About Cockroaches: what's Meaning and Symbolism


Dreams about cockroaches have got both spiritual psychological meanings. However, to find the meaning of the dream, you must understand it’s context. This involves what was happening to the cockroach, what it was doing, or where you saw it. Also, they have different symbolism in our lives. This article will outline different meanings and symbolism of dreams about cockroaches. If you have ever had the dream, then this read is timely.

The symbolism of dreams about cockroaches

1.Reserved thoughts: Like cats, these insects are nocturnal and will only appear in the darkness. They don’t like the light and will escape whenever you switch the lights on. They are too sensitive and will take notice of any movement. This is why they are associated with hidden thoughts. Dreaming about cockroaches could signify that you are battling some hidden thoughts. It has to do with some challenges you face, and you don’t want anyone to know about it.

2.Thoughts cleansing: Dreams about cockroaches are symbols of emotional and psychological renewal. This means that you need to have time to access your life. It could be things are not going as they should either in the family or career set up. Having some time to think clearly will usher you into a new season of clarity hence success. Most people battling stress usually dream about cockroaches.

3.Determination and resilience: Cockroaches have been known to survive the most adverse conditions. This ability explains why you can find them anywhere. Therefore, dreams about cockroaches could indicate the need for you to be resilient and determined. Life has many blows that it directs to us, but our resilience determines whether we shall win. It could be that you have gone through challenging times either in marriage, business, or at your workplace. Dreams about cockroaches should push you to be strong and determined to overcome.

4.Change and rebirth: Dream interpreters use the nature of cockroaches to symbolize rebirth. Therefore, this dream could indicate the need for a change in your life. It could be that you will experience a significant change that will transform your life, and everything will be new. Dreams about cockroaches should encourage you to focus on becoming new and being your best.

The meaning of dreams cockroaches

1.Dream about cockroaches attacking you

If you saw cockroaches attacking you, then the dream has a bad meaning. This dream means that someone close to you will ride on your kindness. This is to say that you are so good to them, but they will soon take advantage. This will, in return, hurt you so much, and your friendship will end. Another meaning of this dream is that you are not happy at your workplace because you are a victim of exploitation. This may prompt you to consider resigning.

2.Seeing cockroaches in your food in dreams

Cockroaches eat what humans eat, and therefore it is not strange to dream about cockroaches in your food. Unfortunately, this dream has a negative meaning. It indicates the presence of pretenders and toxic people in your life. These are people who are jealous of your success and could be planning to bring your down. The dream should warn you about being careful with those you call friends.

3.Dream about cockroaches in your bed

Your bed is a place of rest and comfort. Therefore, dreaming about cockroaches in your bed could mean an invasion of your comfort. It could be there is something that is threatening your peace. Another meaning of this dream is that you might get sick. As earlier mentioned, cockroaches are good at causing infections. Therefore, this dream could indicate that a lack of hygiene will cause sickness.

4.Killing a cockroach in dreams

Killing a cockroach in dreams means that you are indecisive. This might indicate feelings of being powerless, which leads to failure to act on your life’s critical issues. As a result of this, you always seek someone to make decisions for you. This dream tells you to believe in yourself and take control of your life. Another meaning of the dream is that you are a lonely and sad person. This most likely to happen after your love relationship has come to an end.

5.Seeing a swarm of cockroaches

This dream is associated with what you possess, especially materially. Dreaming about many cockroaches might indicate that you are worried about losing your wealth. Maybe you worked so hard and went through pain, and you can’t imagine all that slipping away from you. Also, it could indicate the fear of losing someone that you cherish.

Dreams About Cockroaches: what's Meaning and Symbolism


6.Seeing a couple of cockroaches

This is a good dream, and it indicates your victory over some obstacles. This will be due to your ability to remain positive during storms. Another meaning of this dream is that you will go through many life changes, but you will gradually get used to them. Seeing a couple of cockroaches also means that you will be successful in the future. Additionally, the dream means that you a lovable person because you keep your words to people.

7.Seeing red cockroaches in dreams

When you see red cockroaches in your dreams, it is a good sign. This dream means that you will receive money from someone you least expected. This generosity will be a surprise to you. The number of red cockroaches you see in your dreams could be equal to the amount of money you will be given.

8.Dreaming of fighting cockroaches

This dream could be an indicator of your cowardice. Maybe you are afraid to face things or certain people in your life. In this case, the fighting cockroaches in your dream should warn you about being fearful. Another meaning of this dream is that you are not okay due to unresolved conflicts within yourself. This means that you need to take time and solve whatever is bothering you.

9.Cockroaches scattering in all directions

This dream is related to the direction of your life. It is a clear indicator that things are not okay, and something ought to be done. Therefore, seeing cockroaches scattering in all directions should warn you about taking charge of your life. This means that you need to restart afresh until you begin moving in the right direction.

10.Coachroaches on your ears

Having a cockroach in your ears is a good sign, and it means that you will meet a good person. This person will be like a guardian angel and will positively influence your life. Also, the person will come in handy when you are stuck with lifetime decisions.

11.Dreaming about black cockroaches

A black cockroach in your dream indicates failure. It could be that you are pursuing something, but your plans will fail. On the other hand, this dream has a positive meaning. It means that your efforts will be recognized in your workplace, and you will earn a promotion. Another meaning of black cockroaches in dreams is that you will fall in love with a secret admirer, leading to a marital settlement.

13.Dreams about dead cockroaches

Dead cockroaches in dreams are indicators of failure. Therefore, this dream means that all your efforts will not bear fruits. The dream could also signify an incoming misfortune like falling sick or the death of a loved one.

14.Dreams about a white cockroach

White cockroaches in dreams mean that a friend will betray you. This could be someone who will falsely accuse you at your place of work. Also, it could be that they will swindle you some money. The dream should tell you to be more careful about those close to you. Another meaning of a white cockroach in dreams is that you will go through a difficult time but will encounter a kind person to hold you through.

15.Being forced to eat cockroaches in dreams

We all know that cockroaches eat anything. Therefore, if you see that you are being forced to eat cockroaches, it’s a pointer to your eating habit. This means you are a careless eater, and you need to watch what you eat. This is because the habit can cost you in the future.


Dreams about cockroaches are greatly associated with what is about to happen in your life. However, as we have seen, the interpretation of the dream varies. It can be done based on the color of the cockroach, it’s status, or even where it was. Unlike most dreams, cockroach dreams have no major connection with people’s characters. They mostly symbolize feelings and events. This article has generously discussed dreams about cockroaches, and I believe you are more enlightened. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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