Butterflies are beautiful insects that fly and make our world colorful. Dreams about butterflies are among the common dreams that people have. These insects have got a great significance in people’s lives when they appear in dreams.  Butterflies are associated with our emotions and character. They also symbolize the events in our lives. Dreams about butterflies could, at times, come to remind us of what ought to be done and our identity.

Dreams About Butterflies:What's Meaning and Symbolism

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In this in-depth article, we will look at many details related to dreams about butterflies. This dream has many interpretations, as we are going to see. However, the meaning is based on the dream’s context and the feelings it left you with. Have you ever dreamt about butterflies? Then this might be the perfect read for you. You will get to understand the meanings of the dream and its symbolism. I am sure this will be an interesting article.

The symbolism of dreams about butterflies

1.Renewal: Butterflies symbolize rebirth or renewal. However, this rebirth comes through pain. Dreams about butterflies could mean that you have been going through some problems which have molded you into a new person. Also, the dream could mean that you are entering into a season of new things.

2.Peace and calmness: Naturally, butterflies are quiet insects. Therefore, dreams about butterflies could mean that you desire a peaceful life. It could be you have been going through problems, and for some time, you haven’t known peace. The dream could also tell you to become more playful and outgoing to get the peace you need.

3.Transformation: Naturally, butterflies go through a transformation. They go through four transformational stages. This makes them renewed and beautiful. Therefore, dreams about butterflies could symbolize the need for you to be transformed into a new person. Just like a butterfly looks beautiful after transformation, your life should also be beautiful and admirable.

4.Clarity-Dreams about butterflies are connected to a need for clarity in life. It could be that you are stranded about making some decisions. This could be about career, business, or relationships. This dream could be telling you to take these issues seriously and be sure of the next step. The dream could also be waking you up to new truths.

The meaning of dreams about butterflies

1.Dream about catching a butterfly

This dream is about time and opportunities. Catching a butterfly in a dream could also mean that you need to trust your senses. This is in regards to your goals and visions. Additionally, the dream means that you are ready for every opportunity that life presents to you and can confidently handle it. People who have doubts about themselves are familiar with this dream.

2.A butterfly attacking you in a dream

It might sound funny for a butterfly to attack you because they are friendly insects. However, dreaming about being attacked by a butterfly means that you are scared of life changes. These are mostly positive life changes. You are in a relationship, business, or career that is not working, but you refuse to look for something better. You need to take time and reflect on becoming better.

3.Eating a butterfly in a dream

Some people take butterflies as a delicacy. Dreams about eating a butterfly could mean that you are trying to absorb or get familiar with some life changes. If the butterfly is sweet after swallowing, it means that changes have positively impacted your life. On the contrary, if the butterfly is bitter, it means that the changes negatively affect your life.

4.Dream about a dead butterfly

A dead butterfly in your dreams is common. This dream means that you have gone through a season of experiences, and they have evolved you. This means that you are now ready to pick more significant challenges. You are holding onto past things, and there is a need for you to let go. Another meaning of dreams about a dead butterfly could be that there will be sudden changes in your life.

5.Dreams about a giant butterfly

This dream signifies tremendous changes about to happen in our lives. These changes will have a big impact. Dreams about a big butterfly could be telling you to get ready for the changes since they might be negative. However, these changes will help you transform into a better person.

6.Dreams about several butterflies

Seeing several butterflies in a dream indicates that good news is coming your way. Another meaning of this dream is that you feel you need freedom and independence. This could be in a particular area of your life. Maybe something has been limiting you, and it is time to break forth. Also, the dream could indicate your need to be accepted in your surroundings.

Dreams About Butterflies:What's Meaning and Symbolism

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7.A butterfly flying away from you

Dreaming about a butterfly flying from you means that it is time for you to let go of something you treasure. It could be a person or a job. Also, the dream could mean that you are under pressure to do something against your will.

8.Dreaming about two butterflies

This is a good sign, and it is associated with a love relationship. Dreaming about two butterflies means that you will enjoy a good and happy courtship or marital relationship. The dream further means that you are engaged and are planning to live with someone soon in a marriage setup.

9.Dream about a butterfly in your house

This dream means that you will enjoy the long-awaited family moments. Maybe you never enjoyed your young days with relatives, and now it’s time to have those beautiful moments. Dreaming about butterflies in your house also indicates that you will enjoy emotional support from your loved ones.

10.Seeing butterflies of black colors

This dream means that you have a shadowed character. Seeing a black butterfly in a dream should tell you it’s time to be crystal clear about yourself. It could be someone close doesn’t understand who you are. The shadowed character could hinder your relationship with people, especially at your place of work.

11.Seeing a yellow butterfly in dreams

Yellow is a bright and warm color that lightens up dark moments. Dreaming about a yellow butterfly means you will get guidance and hope. It could be you were feeling lost and defeated. The dream further means that you will get new energy to rise and fulfill your goals.

12.A purple butterfly in dreams

We all know that purple is a color of royalty. Therefore, seeing a purple butterfly in your dream could signify connections with prominent people. The dream could also mean that you will encounter new opportunities to transform your life for the better. This is mostly business opportunities.


Dreams about butterflies, in most cases, occur when our lives are going through tremendous changes. A butterfly is a free insect and flies whenever and wherever it wishes. Therefore, the dream could symbolize that it’s time for you to break loose and get out of what limits you. Also, butterflies undergo a metamorphosis process, which signifies the transformation they are about to go through in their lives. I hope you now understand dreams about butterflies and how they are related to your life. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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