Books are a great source of knowledge, insight, and entertainment. They are part and parcel of our lives, and therefore it is common to dream about books. Books are generous in giving us access to the wisdom of the world. They are a great source of empowerment and skills. Moreover, books help us find answers to the things we don’t understand.

Dreams about books: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Most readers will tell you that books have come in handy by opening them to the outside world. Well, there are many types of books, and one chooses what they want to read. Have you ever dreamt about books? Were you in a class or how was your surrounding? If so, then this happens to be your perfect read. That’s because it will enlighten you on dreams about books and their meanings. Also, you will get to understand their Symbolism in your life.

The Symbolism of dreams about books

1.Record KeepingBooks have been known to keep records of many things. This helps in keeping track of things that are important to you. That is why we have diaries to remind us of what needs to be done. Therefore, dreaming about books should tell us to be keener on the events happening around us.

2.Communication-Books are a great way of passing messages across. Ideas and thoughts are shared in books. Therefore, this dream could be passing a particular message to you. On the other hand, a book in your dreams could be telling you to pass a particular message to someone. The message could be positive or negative.

3.Wisdom and KnowledgeAs mentioned earlier; books are a great source of knowledge. Therefore, dreaming about books could symbolize that you desire to learn. If you see someone else with books, it could mean they want to go to school and acquire more knowledge.

4.A Test-People go to school and learn, after which they are tested. Therefore, dreams of books could symbolize a test. This test could be about something in real life. The test could be at your place of work or in business.

The meaning of dreams about books

Several things guide us towards the interpretation of this dream. These are common questions that one needs to ask themselves to get the meaning.

  • What feelings did you have in the dream?
  • What is the book in your dream about?
  • Have you had a desire to learn?

Dreams about books: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Let’s now look at various types of dreams about books and their meaning.

1.Buying a book in a dream

This is a good sign to the dreamer. Buying a new book in a dream means that you will get some good news in the future. The news could be about your love relationship, business, family, or career.

2.Reading a book

When you dream about reading a book, it means that you are going to receive new information. This is mostly going to be through other people. Secondly, the dream means that you adapt quickly to new ideas and opportunities. Also, this dream could be telling you that you need to acquire more knowledge.

3.Your book being stolen in a dream

This dream has an interesting interpretation. Dreams about a stolen book mean that you will receive unexpected news. Also, it means that people will know your knowledge and praise you for it. On the other hand, if you stole a book, you are not confident about yourself.

4.Dream about a book getting wet

This is a bad dream, and it signifies failure. Dreams about a wet book mean that you are learning things that will cause problems in your life. This further means that you will undergo pain and that you need to take precautions.

5.Dream about a book falling on you

This is an unfavorable dream, and it signifies that you will be diverted from your goals. This means that something will come up and divert the attention you are giving to your vision. Additionally, dreaming about books falling on you means that the people around you will be responsible for your downfall.

6.Dream about burning a book

This dream is a bad sign and means that you will suffer loss and heartbreak in the future. The loss could be of a lover, a business, or loss of your job. Also, dreams about a burning book could mean that you will get into conflicts with the people close to you.

7.Dream about writing a book

This is a common dream, and it could mean that you are putting your efforts into something that won’t profit you. Also, it means that your dreams will never come to maturity. On the positive side, dreams about writing a book could mean that you are improving your life.

8.Dreaming of turning the pages of a book

Dreams about turning the page of a book signify your desire to move on. It could be there is something that has been draining you, and you feel it’s time to drop it. Another meaning of this dream is that you have learned your lesson and won’t repeat the previous mistakes. That’s because the experience has taught you some lessons.

9.Dreaming of a book with torn pages

Torn pages signify that you are making bad decisions and are generally careless. Therefore, dreaming about a book’s torn page could mean that your mind is asking you to give more attention to your behavior. This dream is to tell you that you need to reconsider before making some decisions in your life. In case you don’t take precautions, there are some severe consequences for that.

10. A collection of books

Have you ever dreamt about a collection of books? Well, this is a good sign, and it symbolizes connection. That means that you will meet a group of people, and in the midst of them, you will meet an important person in your life. The meeting could be a family or work gathering.

11.Reading a boring book

Reading a boring book in a dream is directly related to your emotional status. That means that your life is dull due to some circumstances. This boredom could be at your place of work or home. Additionally, this dream tells about your desire to break from the situation.

12.Reading a marked page in dreams

Reading a marked page in a dream means that something needs your attention in your life. This further means that you have been paying attention to your business and career and neglecting those that love you. This dream comes to remind you to draw back your attention to them.

 13.Tearing the pages of a book

Tearing the pages of a book in your dream means that your emotions are unstable. This could mean that you have anger issues that have been difficult to overcome.


Dreams about books have a direct connection to our daily lives. The dream could be awakening us to embrace more resourceful patterns that will make us better. Also, this dream comes as a warning about some things that you need to avoid in life. Generally, dreams about books have both positive and negative meanings. Their interpretation depends on how the dream took place and also your perception of books. This article has discussed everything you need to know about dreams about books, and we hope you are more enlightened.If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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