For many years dreams have remained a mystery for many people, including doctors and traditionalists. Dreams get defined as stories or images that are created by our minds during sleep. They can be frightening, entertaining, disturbing, and sometimes confusing. Several facts surround dreams, and one of them is that not all dreams can get remembered.

Another factor about dreams is that dreams help people develop longtime memories. According to research, most dreams last between 10 to 20 minutes. Dreams have various causes, and most of them are traced back to the real-life of the dreamer. In this detailed article, we are going to look at meanings and interpretations of dreams about birds.

Dreams about birds

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The symbolism of birds dreams

Birds symbolize quite a number of things, and therefore seeing them in your dreams should not be ignored. They can symbolize fertility, protection, or even immortality. Here are some symbolic meanings of birds:


Birds are symbolism for goals because of their ability to fly and stay in the sky. Maybe you have ever heard someone saying that they will fly high like an eagle. In such a happening, maybe one is symbolically expressing his/her desire for success. Many people who see birds in their dreams are those with particular ambitions and goals in their lives. These goals make them desire to be successful and maintain a top position.

2.Joy and harmony

Birds are associated with feelings of contentedness and joy. They predict an occurrence that will bring about happiness and good things in your life. People who dream about birds are known to have a strong desire for joy and peace in their lives. They also signify clarity in mind and your willingness to make some decisions in regards to something.


Birds can move around the earth and also fly above. They are never limited, and they can live anywhere, whether it’s on tops of trees or housetops. This is why they are broadly associated with freedom. Many people who dream about birds are the ones struggling to break forth from certain captivities. Whenever they see birds in their dreams, it could mean that their freedom is fast approaching, and they will be independent.


This is another common symbolism of birds in dreams. They are known to give guidance to people, and this is also found in the bible. Whenever someone is stuck at a certain point in their lives, they tend to see birds. This is triggered by their need for some guidance about a challenge they could be going through.

Meaning and interpretation of dreams about birds

Interpreting dreams about birds is based on many things. These are the color, behavior, appearance, and the place where the bird was during the dream. Here are various dreams about birds, their diverse meaning, and interpretations.

1.Dream about birds attacking you

A bird attacking you in a dream could mean you are stretched with responsibilities. These responsibilities are pulling you in various directions. Another meaning of this dream could be that you are about to encounter an attack from people. Birds attacking you in the dream could also mean that you are having difficulty controlling your emotions.

2.Birds without feathers

This dream could be a pointer to your subjection to someone with more money. This person will dominate over you, and you will have to do whatever he says. Birds without feathers also mean that you will be demoted in a particular area, and hence you need to be cautious.

3.Birds in a closed place

This dream is familiar to many people. It means that you’re bound in your life. This further implies that there is a trap that was set against you, and it captured you. Therefore, you have a great desire to be free and independent. Most prisoners dream about birds in a closed place because of their willingness to come out of the prison gates.

5.Dream about bird’s eggs

Dreams about bird’s eggs have a positive meaning. They signify financial breakthroughs. Most people who see bird’s eggs in their dreams are maybe pursuing some business deals which eventually work out for their good. This dream also signifies the clarity of your destiny and purpose. It means you will have a good ending in the future.

6.Dreaming about a dead bird

Dying birds in a dream have negative indications. They mean that you are going to be disappointed, especially in something that you have been pushing for. Also, you could be worried about something, and that translates to dreaming with dead birds. Generally, this is a bad dream that signifies difficulties that you are about to face.

7.A flock of birds

This dream has got a positive meaning, and it indicates power and outstanding achievements. Another definition of a flock of birds’ dream is that it helps you expect and hope for. This help will be from people, and you will enjoy it for a long time. A flock of birds further means that there is some good news that you are about to receive.

Dreams about birds

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8.Birds unable to fly

Birds that are unable to fly are an indicator of possible difficulties in your life. This dream comes as a warning and should quicken you to rethink how you will overcome the obstacles. If you see birds without feathers in a tree, it means that you are in the right place, but you can’t move any further because you are limited.

9.Empty birds nest

The nest of a bird is supposed to have eggs, and if that is not the case in your dream, then that’s a bad dream. An empty nest means that your labor is profitless and that you will encounter tough financial struggles. This dream also signifies financial losses. However, if you take it as a warning, you can divert its reality.

10.Black birds in dreams

Black is a color of tragedy, and therefore this dream has a wrong indication. It means that something terrible is about to happen in your life. A blackbird in your dream could also mean that you are worried about something happening in your life. The dream could also mean that you are a living life without ambitions.

11.Birds breaking into your house

If you dream of birds breaking into your house, it possibly means that you are struggling with something in your life. This could be a habit or some people around. It could be that you have tried to overcome it, but it has not been easy. Another meaning is that someone is invading your privacy, and this mostly happens to introverts.

12.Dream about feeding birds

If you see yourself feeding birds in the dream, it signifies that you are a great source of encouragement and hope to many people. Feeding birds also means that you are wealthy, and therefore you can help needy people around you.

13.Talking to a bird

Talking to a bird in a dream signifies your maturity. This means that you will go through an experience that will teach your lessons that will humble you. The experience will transform you and will make you a friendly person. Talking to birds also means that you will receive a messenger with excellent and exciting news.

14.A white bird

A white bird in your dream is an excellent sign of good things. It means that things will work in your favor and that you will not suffer loss. This dream further means that you will meet good and genuine people in your life. These people will shower you with lots of love. A white bird is also an indicator of peace and could mean your desire to have peace in life.

15.An ugly bird

Not all birds are beautiful; there are also ugly bird types. An owl is an excellent example of an ugly bird that is detested by many people. If you see an ugly bird in your dream, this means that you will receive news that will make you unhappy. A nasty bird is a sign of grief and might mean losing someone close to you. They also signify illegal transactions that will not benefit you.

16.Faeces of a bird

This is a common dream to many, and although no one likes feces, they have a positive meaning. The presence of feces of a bird in your dream means good luck. This luck will not only make you happy, but it will also earn you some respect.

Dreams about birds

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Birds are naturally beautiful and liked by humans, and that’s why it is easy to dream about them. The presence of a bird in your dream can represent both good and bird happenings. Unlike most dreams, birds are, in most cases, indicators of events that are about to happen. Therefore, it is crucial to pay close attention to the feelings that you had during the dream. Birds are significant pointers to the direction of your life and can give you guidance on what needs to be done. Through this article, you will be able to discern anytime you dream about birds. However, whether the dream seems good or bad, you don’t have to worry because there are always amendments, especially with bad dreams.If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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