Dreams about being stabbed are common but scary. They reflect several things in our waking life. It could be feelings of pain and bitterness that you harbored after someone hurt your emotions through their words. They also represent disloyalty and betrayal. If you dream about being stabbed frequently, then you are surrounded by fake people. It’s time to consider avoiding people whose aim is nothing but to hurt you. This article will discuss different meanings of dreams about being stabbed and their symbolism.

Dreams About Being Stabbed: What's Meaning and Symbolism


Being stabbed in dreams comes in various ways. For example, you can see someone stabbing you or yourself stabbing someone else. Also, you could stab an animal, or you see someone stabbing an animal. This dream also differs in the weapon that you used to stab. Did you use a knife or a dagger? When combined with the feelings you had in the dream, all these contexts are significant pointers to the dreams meaning. Let’s have a look at the symbolism of this dream.

The symbolism of dreams about being stabbed

Troubles and obstacles: Dreams about being stabbed are great symbols of troubles and obstacles. Maybe there are things that you will experience soon, and they will make your life difficult. It could be at your place of work or home. They might be intense to the point of affecting your mental health. It would be best if you got prepared by ensuring you are strong mentally so that as the obstacles come, you won’t be overwhelmed.

Betrayal: Betrayal is another symbol of being stabbed in dreams. This signifies that someone did hurt you through betrayal, and mostly it’s a person you have trusted so much. You have feelings of pain and bitterness, and you are planning to revenge. It is the desire for revenge that triggers the dream. You want them to feel the way you felt when they betrayed you.

Fear and worry: Dreams about being stabbed are also indicators of fear and worry. Could you be worried about something in your life? This mostly occurs to people with responsibilities or those under pressure to perform. The expectations keep you wondering if you will meet the goals and deliver. It would help if you took the time to compose yourself and focus on being open to whatever happens.

Loss of emotional control: Being stabbed in dreams can be an indicator of your inner self. Maybe you are a reactive person and responds in anger whenever someone hurts you. Most people who stab others in real life are known to be temperamental. They react very fast without reasoning. This dream should warn you against such quick responses to issues. You should take time and relax before reacting when hurt by anyone, no matter how painful it feels.

The meaning of dreams about being stabbed

This dream comes with many meanings, and most of them represent things in real life. Here are the diverse meanings of dreams about being stabbed.

1.Being stabbed in the hand

To dream about being stabbed in hand means that your capabilities are being monitored. It could be someone who is jealous of your progress and wants to hinder you. They want you to become a loser, and therefore you need to be careful about the people you share your ideas with.

2.Being stabbed in the stomach with a knife

This dream has diverse and bad meanings. Being stabbed in the stomach with a knife is a sign that your business might go down. It could be due to stiff competition or misappropriation of funds. Another meaning of this dream is that you have an enemy within. It could be a close friend or a relative. They might be planning to hurt you because of jealousy. This calls for you to be vigilant with those you call friends. On the other hand, if you were stabbed and saw your blood, it means that there is something that you haven’t perfected. You should check on what you might not have done well. It could be a project or a family matter.

3.Someone you love being stabbed in dreams

Seeing someone being stabbed in dreams is an indication that someone you love is not okay. Maybe they are engaging in illegal activities, and you are worried about them getting into trouble. You desire to help them, but on the other hand, you feel powerless. Your fears for the person might take away your peace, and therefore it would help if you spoke with them.

4.Not dying after being stabbed

As much as being stabbed in dreams is scary, this is a good dream. It indicates that you are a resilient and determined person. This is to say that you confront issues and don’t allow anything to weigh you down. The dream is also an indication of your success. This will be after hard work, which will bear fruits soon. Generally, being stabbed and not dying means achieving your goals and living your desired life.

5.Someone stabbing you with a dagger

Someone stabbing you with a dagger is a sign of aggressiveness. It means that you have life’s energy and more so for your dreams. Another meaning of the dream is that you are in an unhealthy relationship and are accused of things you haven’t done. On the other hand, if someone stabbed you on the leg with a dagger, some people don’t like your progress.

6.Dreaming about being stabbed in the heart

Generally, dreaming about being stabbed in the heart is about love. It means that you are trying as much as possible to overcome a past heartache from a broken relationship. This means that you have finally realized that life has to move on after the breakup. Another meaning of the dream is that your health is not okay, and you are not aware. It would help if you visited a doctor for checkups.

7.Being stabbed in the eye

This dream indicates the power of seeing things as they are. Being stabbed in the eye means that you quickly realize when one is joking with you or going behind your back. You can’t be easily cheated or swayed away. The dream also means a person takes you for who you are and will not judge or condemn you quickly.

8.Dreams about your neck being stabbed

Being stabbed in the neck is an indication that someone wants to discourage you in your endeavors. They want to feed you with negative thoughts about how you will not make it. This is mostly due to jealousy. They are aware of your potential and are focusing on disappointing you. This dream should tell you to be careful with those that you call friends.

9.Stabbing someone in dreams

Stabbing someone in dreams means that you are insecure about something. Maybe you don’t trust people because of what you might have experienced in the past. You are also afraid of being betrayed, and therefore this makes you extremely cautious. Another meaning of this dream is that you are easily angered and will react when intimidated. On the other hand, this dream indicates your desire to hurt someone or revenge for something that hurt you.

Dreams About Being Stabbed: What's Meaning and Symbolism


10.Being stabbed with a sword

This dream has diverse meanings. Being stabbed with a sword means there is a part of you that you are concealing. You fear that if people know about it, they will judge and leave you. Another meaning of the dream is that you have some desires or goals that haven’t been fulfilled yet. It may be due to natural causes like sicknesses or lack of zeal to push for them. Another meaning of this dream is that there is a war between you and the person who stabbed you. You will emerge victorious against them eventually.

11.Being stabbed in the head

Being stabbed in the head indicates that someone wants to manipulate the way you think and affect your results. They may be doing it for their benefit or out of jealousy. However, you need to be cautious and focus on what you set your mind on.

12.Stabbing yourself in dreams

This is a common dream for people who are suicidal due to depression. Stabbing yourself in dreams indicates that you have not been unable to deal with problems that have been affecting you for long. This has translated to depression, and you feel helpless. It would be wise if you relaxed and handled what you can for the sake of your peace. Additionally, friends and relatives would help if you reached out to them.


These are dreams of being stabbed and their meanings. You must have noted that most of them are related to our feelings. In most cases, the dreams appear after going through a difficult and draining moment in life. These could be moments of ill health, financial, or marital challenges. Most of these dreams are a picture of what is happening in real life. This article has broadly discussed the meanings of dreams about being stabbed, and it must have been an exciting read. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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