Have you tried to imagine how the world would be without colors? It could be very dull and boring, I guess. Colors are magical and have a way of making things beautiful. Researchers say that colors positively affect the human mind. This explains why it is possible to see colors in our dreams. Have you ever seen certain colors in your dream world? Well, this article is the ultimate read for you if you have. We are going to discuss dreams about colors broadly. Besides, we shall look at the meaning and Symbolism of colors in a dream.

Colors in dreams: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams are a great way of communication between the conscious and subconscious mind. A normal human being can have more than three different dreams in a night. People do forget some dreams and remember others. However, remembering your last night’s dream is essential. That’s because it helps you relate to your real-life and, more so, the future. There are two types of colors, namely dull and bright colors. Bright colors are associated with feelings of happiness, joy, and peace.

I am sure you have ever heard someone tell you that you look bright today. On the other hand, dull colors are associated with feelings of worry, sadness, and hopelessness. Also, colors are connected to our personality. The type of color you like can tell the kind of a person you are. Thus, color dreams have different meanings and Symbolism as we are going to see. Some people passionately love colors, and it could be love for one color or more. Most of these people tend to dream about their favorite colors during their sleep.

Facts about colors in dreams

  • Most women dream about bright colors while men dream about dark colors
  • Most dreams are forgotten
  • Everybody dreams
  • Not all dreams are in color
  • Dreams about colors are universal
  • Blind people also see colors in dreams
  • Some dreams about colors tell about the future

The Symbolism of colors in dreams

1.EmotionsColors in our dream can symbolize our emotions. They have a lot to say about how we feel in real life. Some colors represent feelings of happiness, while others mean sadness and misfortunes. However, the interpretation is based on the events in the dream.

2.Power– Have you noticed that there some colors are worn in special national functions? That’s because such colors represent power. Colors say a lot about the ability to rule and govern primarily at national levels.

3.TransitionDreaming with colors could symbolize a transition. The transition could be geographical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual. Some colors mean new beginnings and the need to shift your attention somewhere else.

The meaning of colors in dreams

The interpretation of dreams about colors is broad. That’s because one color can have different interpretations as we are about to see. Here are some interpretations and meanings of dreams about colors.

1.Color blue in a dream

In real life, blue is a dominant color, and it’s most people’s favorite color. Have you ever experienced the blues? I am sure the feeling must have been a sad one. Besides being associated with sadness, color blue has a positive side. Mostly, it has a deep relationship with the below.

  1. A) SpiritualityWhenever we look up at the skies, we see color below. Above the skies are the heavens where most Christians draw their strength from. Therefore, this color is significantly associated with godliness and matters like holiness and purity. Color blue in the dreamcan mean that your mind is focused on heavenly matters. Also, the dream could be telling you to check on your spirituality.
  2. B) LoyaltyHave you ever understood why most people wear blue to interviews? It is because this color is associated with loyalty. Therefore, dreaming about color bluecould signify your loyalty towards someone. This loyalty could also be towards an idea or an institution.

C)WisdomDreaming with blue is an indicator of wisdom. The dream could mean that the dreamer needs to add more wisdom in a particular area. It could also mean that the dreamer has already acquired wisdom or ideas in an area that they desired.

D)ContentmentThe oceans and the skies boast the blue color. These physical features are known to be a great source of peace and tranquility to human beings. Therefore, dreaming about color blue could signify that you enjoy peace and tranquility in your real life.

  1. E) Sadness-Most people who have gone through a relationship break up dream about the color blue. That’s because blue represents sadness and loneliness. Also, the dream could be a result of a loss that you experienced in life.

2.Dreams in yellow

The interpretation of the dream in yellow depends on the feeling you had. The color boasts several positive meanings. Yellow is associated with spirituality. Secondly, the color brings around feelings of warmth and a nurturing character. People who see yellow in a dream are known to be kind and nurturing. Again, the color is associated with health. If you dream of yellow, it could mean that you shall enjoy good health. Other qualities attributed to yellow are creativity, vitality, happiness, and energy. You could enjoy all these soon if you keep on seeing yellow in your dreams.

Colors in dreams: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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3.Meaning of brown in dream

Brown is a common color, and it’s the primary color of the ground. Dreaming about color brown could mean that you need to access yourself. Color brown in your dreams could mean that you need to be grounded or need a stronger foundation. Another meaning of the dream is that you are a friendly person and can be easily trusted. If you happen to see light brown in your dream, it could mean you are a predictable person.

4.Meaning of violet in dreams

Violet is associated with a sense of wealth and success. Here are several meanings of violet in dreams.

  1. A) OriginalityViolet boasts a taste of originality. Besides, it is a creative color and happens to be most artist’s favorite color. If you see violet in your dreams,it could mean that you are a real person. Your identity is clear, and it’s easy for people to understand you.
  2. B) Spirituality-In Christianity setup, violet is associated with fasting. Therefore, violet in dreamscould be pointing to the need for you to be set apart some prayer and fasting time. Again, the dream could be telling you to consider making better life choices.

C)WealthViolet dream could be an indicator of wealth. However, the wealth could not be limited to material wealth but could be wealth in knowledge, ideas, kindness, and aspirations. The dream could mean that you are going to be wealthy in any of the mentioned.

5.Meaning of Green in dream

Green is a natural color, and it’s visible in our environment. Green signifies peace, nature, and tranquility. Green in dreams could mean that you are enjoying peace naturally in your life. Additionally, the color is associated with healing and hope and could mean that you are sick and hopeful for healing. Another symbolism of Green is newness and freshness. This dream could mean that you are about to get on a new page in your life. Also, it could mean that you are going to prosper in the new stage.

6.Pink colors

Pink is many ladies’ favorite color. This color signifies kindness, love, and generosity. Therefore, if you dream about pink, it could mean that you have these attributes. The color is again associated with being observant or attentive. Therefore, pink in your dream could be telling you that you need to be more keen and observant in a particular area of your life.

7. Black in dreams

Black in the dream world is connected to bad things. Here are some meanings of black in dreams

  1. A) Death and StrugglesHave you ever wondered why people wear black when mourning? That’s because black is a color of death. If you dream about black, it could mean that you might lose your life. Another meaning could be the death of someone you know. This dream should alert you to be more careful and cautious in life. On the other hand, black is associated with suffering. Therefore, if you find yourself in a black dream,it means you are suffering or will suffer in the future.
  2. B) Transformation-Black in a dreamcould also signify resurrection. Therefore, seeing this color in your dream could mean that you are going through a painful and challenging season but will be able to crossover and be transformed. The season could be so lonely, but you shall go through victoriously.

8.Black and white in a dream

This is a common dream, and splashes of black and white could mean being indecisive. That means that you are in a confusing situation. Another meaning of this dream could be that you were a spectator in the dream. That is, whatever you saw in the dream was about others, not you. Black and white could also mean you are not enjoying freedom in your life.

Colors in dreams: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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9.White in dream

Color white is the primary color that most people see in their dreams. But, even though a white color dream has various meanings, white represents peace and tranquility. First, white could signify new beginnings and entering a new season. This dream could mean an end to your problems. Another meaning of white in dreams is that it could mean you are concealing something in your life. Also, in some cultures, white represents mourning, so you will find some white people when they lose someone.

10.Red in dreams

This dream can be interpreted in several ways by different people. The interpretation of red depends on its context and how it connects with your real life. Since time memorial, red has been known as the color of love. It expresses passion and romance. Therefore, if you dream about red, it could mean that you are in love or desiring love. On the other hand, red signifies anger, violence, and danger. Additionally, red in your dream could mean some confrontations might happen in your life. It could lead to violence and shedding of blood. Again, red symbolizes power. In this context, the dream could mean that you are an influential person and don’t fear confronting any situation.

11. Orange in dreams

Orange is a favorite color for many. That’s because it signifies hope, freshness, optimism, and vigor. Orange stimulates and has a creative taste. Orange in dreams could mean you have a desire to become better or experience new things. Again, orange color could mean that you are a social person and gives hope to people.

12.Navy Blue in dreams

Navy blue is slightly darker than blue. The color represents happiness, confidence, prosperity, and fortunes. If you see navy blue in your dreams, it could mean that your future will be bright and prosperous. Another meaning is that you are a confident person and boast high self-esteem. Additionally, navy blue symbolizes relaxation and could therefore mean that you are in a season of peace and comfort in real life.

13.Silver in dream

Dreams about silver have both positive and negative meanings. It represents good things in the future. Silver in dreams could mean business growth or financial improvement. Again, the dream could mean that you will achieve your goals, and your dreams will be a reality. On the other hand, silver could mean that someone loves you and would cross the ocean for you. Generally, silver color represents good things in life.


Dreams about colors have been marked as the most common dreams in the life of most people. Their frequency is associated with their relations to humanity. If you look around anywhere and at any time, you will see colors. In the sky you will notice the color blue, on the ground you will see brown. The existence of humankind is made beautiful by the surrounding colors that we see daily in our lives. Colors in dreams have got a massive connection with how we feel. Also, colors are connected with our character and daily activities. Well, within this detailed article, we have discussed color dreams and their meanings. We hope the article will help you understand more about what colors in your dreams. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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