Dreaming about cats is common to most people. That’s because cats are domestic animals and are part of many families. It is easy for someone to dream of something they relate with daily. Unlike most domestic animals, cats are known to exhibit a quiet character. They are not social unless when mingling among themselves. One can only notice a friendly cat when they rub against them. On the other hand, cats are very dangerous and difficult to handle when threatened.

Dreams about cats:What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about cats have a direct relationship with our daily lives. However, there are different ways of interpreting the dream. The interpretation depends on how one feels in the dream. Also, your perception of cats will come in handy when interpreting dreams about cats. That’s because some people love cats while others detest them. Have you ever dreamt about cats? Was the dream scary or exciting? Well, this in-depth article is the ultimate read if you have ever had the dream. That’s because it’s going to explore everything you need to know about this dream.

The symbolism of dreams about cats

In real life, cats represent several things. Here are some symbolisms of dreams about cats.

1.SensitivityCats are known to be among the most sensitive creatures. A cat can sense danger and act immediately. Therefore, dreaming about cats could mean that you are a sensitive person. This means that you take notice of things quickly. On the other hand, the dream could be telling you to be more alert about your surroundings.

2.Confidence-Cats rarely interact with other animals. They love their own space and doing things on their own. Therefore, this dream could mean that you are a confident and reserved person. Also, the dream could mean that your personality is attractive.

3.Secretive- Naturally, cats are very secretive and can keep secrets forever. Therefore, dreaming about cats could mean that you are keeping a secret from someone. Also, the dream could mean that someone is keeping a secret from you. This secret could be positive and negative, and you need to find out what it is.

4.Taking RisksCats are associated with taking risks because they are fearless. Therefore, dreaming about cats signifies the need for you to take up some risks. This could be trying out a new venture or career. Mostly, cats never lose, and therefore your risk might be fruitful and make you glad.

5.Sharpness Cats are nocturnal and are never scared of darkness. This is why dreams about cats could symbolize that you are a smart person. You can see through the challenges and thrive. This symbolism means that nothing gets you unprepared.

The meaning of dreams about cats

1.Dream about a black cat

Black cats are the most in number compared with other colors of cats. Dreams about black cats have a bad meaning. It signifies that there are bad things in your life. The dream could be telling you to be more alert. Secondly, a black cat is known to have very high instincts compared to other cats. Therefore, the dream could mean that your instincts are okay, and you don’t go wrong with what you think.

2.Large group of cats

Dreaming about a group of cats could mean that many challenges surround you. Therefore, this dream tells you to focus more on how to deal with the problems.

3.Dreams about a dead cat

Since cats are associated with sensitivity and intuition, this dream could mean that you need to wake up. That means you have lost your sensitivity, and things are happening without your knowledge. Also, a dead cat in dreams could mean that you are going to be sick, and the sickness might end up in death.

Dreams about cats:What's Meaning and Symbolism

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4.Dreams about a white cat

White cats are lovely, and they symbolize love and hope. If you dream about a white cat running after you, then it means you give hope and love to people. On the other hand, if a white cat attacks you when trying to catch it, that signifies a hard time. There could be something that is hindering your goals, but you are determined to achieve them.

5.Dreams about kittens

Dreaming about kittens is common, and it signifies protection and love. The dream is positive and means that you need to give your children or family love and protection. Also, the dream could tell that you are feeling peaceful and harmonious in your real life.

6.Dreams about a cat jumping on you

This is a scary dream, especially if you don’t like cats. If a hostile cat jumps on you in a dream, it means that you are uncomfortable or fighting something in your real life. Also, it could tell that you feel vulnerable and unprotected in real life. If you see a cat scratching you, that means that you are afraid of your personality.

7.Dreams about a peeing cat

Dreams about a peeing cat mean that you will partner with someone, leading to disagreements. Knowing the person will make you regret later. Also, this dream means that you will be deceived by someone close to you. This will mostly be at your place of work or in business.

8.Dream about killing cats

Many people will tell you that it’s not easy to kill a cat. This dream means that you could be in a family disagreement and are planning to curb them. These fights could be associated with finances. Another meaning of dreams about killing a cat is that you will encounter a thief. However, you will catch the thief and take action against him.


It is natural to dream about cats. This dream signifies several things in our real lives. Cats could be sending messages about power, freedom, and being cautious to us. However, most dreams about cats are equally negative and positive. That is why it’s essential to note your feelings in the dream as you seek the meaning. We believe this article will help you if you have been trying to get the dream’s meaning. That’s because it has broadly outlined everything you need to know about cats in a dream.If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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